Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27th Update

Hi Folks at home, Daryl here….. sorry this has taken a while. We have been sitting around, soaking up the sun, relaxing in the waves, etc…..and really could not be bothered to get to the internet café…….NOT!! It’s been a really busy week, and transport into town to get to the café has been tough…..not to mention just finding the time.

The team is well….I was so impressed with them on Thursday when they all just dug in and moved 900 blocks up the stairs……wow – the carpenter working with us kept looking at Samuel and asking…”Where did you get these people?” The masons (ODK and Atta) are having fun, because the amount of material they can receive is allowing them to race against themselves and see how many block they can lay in a day….so far their best is about 245 between the two of them….pretty impressive.

Below you will find posts that begin the evening of the 20th and additions that came periodically over the week… just read from the top down. The last entry was made today (July 27th in the morning)

I do want to make a comment about this last week and preparing to go home. The last week is always hard…people are tired and feeling a bit emotionally burnt out. Thoughts of home can be motivating and also destructive. The more you talk about home, the harder it is to focus on the task we have….so I have a request. Please avoid or limit phrases like…..”Can’t wait to see you.”, “The pizza will be waiting…” etc…. Encouragement to stay focused and on task – “I’m proud of you.” “Keep up the great work….” Etc….those are very helpful. We can’t afford for them to get seriously homesick now.

I will write some suggestions about helping the team re-enter Canadian life later this week. Thanks for your understanding. Blessings to you all.



Hey Nadia!
This is Paul your Ghanaian friend writing to say hi to everybody back home. I’m having fun with everyone here in Kokrobite. It’s a real joy for me to have met a couple of new wonderful friends once again. I’m really happy for having them around me and really wish they stay forever and let’s have fun together.
Hey you Nadia, what’s going on with you, I was expecting you and you never shown up, do hope you are doing well, you should be busy now with work since you are on holidays. Workhard for it’s good to work but don’t over work but break and have some fun. How is school and when are you going back to school, you still have some couple of years left, finish hard baby for I’m with you in Prayers. May the good Lord bless you and direct you in whatever you do. You owe me because you did not reply my last e-mail. Do say a prayer and say one for me.
And you Sarah, it has been a longtime, how is your husband and family life like, I’m happy for you guys for that was such an amazing thing to have happened to you. I’m really proud of you like wise everyone else in Ghana. I wish you guys a happy marriage and a sustainable one of course. I pray and hope the good Lord may show his mercy and love to you guys and may you continue to serve Him in truth and in pure heart. May the Lord bless your womb and you shall multiply and fill the earth. Say hello to Nathan and everyone around you, take care and be bless in the Lord. Do hope to see you next time around. Miss you all and love everyone. Bye.

Hey everyone! Its Haley…
I can’t believe you guys saw harry potter!!! Was it good??? If devin thought it was creepy then its probably awesome :P still no posts from my brothers… how bought I take back the kushkas I bought for you?? :( would that make you talk to me?? believe it or not… in africa, I don’t like fish lol (will explain when I get back :P) OH Joanna.. love how me and sara are a SIDE NOTE in your post. Do we not get a separate shout out?? Im gonna beat you up when we get back… MOM as soon as they read about the spicy fries and cotton candy ice cream Don was like ooohhhh that sounds so good lol :D i miss home :P and DUH you miss my cleaning abilities cuz I’m AMAZING!! I miss being called a loser, as soon as steph said that I felt all warm and fuzzy, cuz I’m weird like that :D
ZACK. I can’t believe that adam and max are picking up… lol that’s just weird. AND your reading a book!!! What book?? Home is just falling apart without me! I should come back to set things straight :P tell adam I give him a high five though lol and can’t wait to see his washboard abs when I get back ;)
Zack, you can’t just say stuff isn’t going well at home… that just bugs me. you know I hate that and I can’t be there to make you feel better or help you out!! Your killing me here babe. Stop it.
I am so excited for the book <3 you have no idea. oh and for the spelling thing… type your thing in word first and spell check it then paste it onto the blog lol
So glad people have been writing to me!! those who haven’t, I’m not getting you anything!!!
I miss you all <3 love you all <3 can’t wait to come back and see you <3
(zack <3 nine months in four days <3 probly wont be able to post til after so love you <3)

Hey Its Chelsey…<3
So I just heard from you all and I’m sure I shouldn’t be writing this soon but oh well. Like I said I was forgetting something before. Im very very sorry but Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Hope you two had a good day and I swear I didn’t forget I just always forget to write things on here!! And this blog will be posted like 2 weeks after. Love yous<3 oxox. Did you read how many blocks we have moved!! Crazy but trust me it defiantly feels like it. The soreness has defiantly gone away now that we are on our third week. Its weird that next week is our last work week. So today me and megan were sent to finish carrying the blocks from outside of the wall to inside. The pile of rocks is like a hotel for every creepy and crawly animal possible!! There are what we call snizards (half snake and lizard) normally there are a bunch of little once but today we found a big one. Many MANY spiders and today we found two huge ones. Like baby tarantulas I swear lol. And I had one of those climb up my leg, creepy!! And then one was on my neck but it was a little smaller. At first I thought it was my hair but nope. And I found my second small scorpion and had to kill it. There neat to see but you gotta kill them so they don’t get aaway and pop up on you again. So me and meg had some laughs. Meg also found a big centipede and when I came out she was laughing and freaking telling me to look under a block. It was funny. We got pictures of it. Im glad everything is still good at home. mom----REZ!?!? Yes or noo. Or is there a reason your not telling me. If no start looking for cheap apartments lol and I hope you are handeling everything else well too….And because you love me so much can you do me a huge favour and get an oil change on my car. You can use my money obviously or I will pay you when I get home. I just know my car defiantly needed one and just in case you have been secretly driving it. Hey to dad. Glad to see you have started the house. Its going to be weird seeing it a different colour after almost 19 years of seeing it white. Its not going to be the white house across from the park anymore. I didn’t know you were going to start it yet but hope its all going well and I’m sure it will look great when I get back.. any help or are you by yourself? You always do a good job anyway. Plus remember Karli is there and if she wants to be a strong as me when I get back then she better start some hard physical labour too. Maybe I’ll be able to win some fights now. Ha-ha jokes. I always win :P Hey Grubby!!! Love you and miss you a lot. Miss talking to you…I know you would probably say whatever but I do miss you!! Hope all is well with everything. Hey to Owen. Glad to finally here from you. No we haven’t got your messages but I hope you have figured it out now. Anything new or exciting in Colborne?? It is very hot now too, well today was. Got my first tan haha. Glad to see your still givin’r I guess lol. Must have been a fun night and a “wonderful” morning haha. But can’t wait to see you and everyone else. Ghana is good as expected and very different. Miss Canada… But hopefully I can write another one before this goes up but if not I will talk to you all soon. Much love to Wawa and Colborne!! Miss yous....xoxoxoxo Chels<3 ;)

Hey its Melissa and you know mom hard boiled eggs will never sound yummy nor will bananas :((EWWW!!!) yet guess what I wake up every other morning to…:O… glad things are going well at home and I’m really hoping the pool is nice, warm and blue for me when I get back. Oh btw I’m in love with deep fried beef now so uncle harry and uncle Pete should be very impressed with that-not the deep frying I know that’s not too healthy but then again neither is the yummy donuts we’ve been having for breakfast some days either(yes mark be jealous).
Well I must say these last couple days I have really missed both family and friends. So I decided when I come home I’m spending one full day at home-impressive and surprising I know-and then I’ll go to friends the next day. Oh mom if you see Kristina tell her I bought her a necklace and she better like it!! Also if you see Mitch or James ask them if they want anything while I’m here they’ll prob say no but that’s ok I'll just buy them kushkas(a very entertaining game involving 2 balls that bounce together in your hand to make noise and music while being challenging to grab both balls(I plan to teach you when I get home)
So we played soccer against another school and again lost…we need to practice. It was very depressing though when the headmaster said they had been saving money for four years and us giving them a set of jerseys and 2 soccer balls was amazing for them. Also we had a children’s game night. It was lots of fun and the children are adorable.
I bet you will never guess what I found today…the ability to watch the OC which I happen to be doing now. One of our Ghanaian cooks, Regina, loves the show too. Hehe first season marathon! Turns out I’m not the only fan. Btw I’m still wondering about that puppy and also I want to go shopping when I get home and see harry potter… :)
So mark and dad how did your birthdays go? Are you behaving yourselves and doing ALL the HARD WORK I normally do around the house? See it’s hard being me haha. I miss molson :( and lucky and sauny and pep and whicky and yes even crazy miki(those creepy eyes staring at you from everywhere really seem important when they’re not there anymore:(). Are the renovations all done? You guys better not have used the shower :|! Are there any funny stories that have happened that you guys would like to enlighten me with? People seem to think you guys are funny for some reason…dunno why either I guess they are crazy. And thank you for giving out the blog I would love to hear from other people. Too bad I forgot to tell anybody but in a way I am happy because I’m not sure what some of my friends would say…dad if they do don’t read :P kidding.
Well anyways love you guys so much and miss you,
Melissa :) <3

Hey Jas, good job on your post… it was nice and long. And Thank you Jaymie and Matt I really like hearing from you, so make sure you write me from Nanny and Poppa’s to let me know that you have not drowned in the creek or been carried away by mosquitoes! You should be proud of your mom she is putting the 17 year olds to shame by carrying a tonne more blocks up the stairs then them … I have to keep this short because it is late and I am in the dining room but I send my love to you all, I will be home b4 u no it! Hope sends her love to you as well and I want to thank Nod for the shout-out. Wish you were all here, Kim
Ps … I am wondering who is wearing my underwear too? Something you want to tell me? and how did the yard sale go? Am I coming home to any possessions?

Hey there it’s Tania,

I received your post Megan. I’m glad to hear that the wedding went well and that the boys are doing well also! I miss all the kids so much! Nathaniel must be saying so much now! I hope that Kieran and Nathaniel are getting along well. I have been writing a journal every night for Cameron to read when we get home, let him know for me. Tell him that I miss him and I think about him every day!
Mom and Dad, I received your posts. I can’t believe your adding to your stroller collection!! Eight isn’t enough!?! I’m glad to hear from Owen and Bril, tell them that I miss them and I have some gifts for them when I get home. Dad, no I’m not sleeping at night. The malaria pills are causing crazy dreams all night long! The food is good for the most part. Snails are my least favorite meat, but I haven’t had bush rat yet (that’s next week). Today I had a fishy casserole complete with bones and eye balls! Over all the food is not bad, some of it I plan to make when we get home!!! Yes, my pipes are massive! You may be able to out run me but I can now bench press you. LOL!
Amber and Kaleb, I miss you guys too especially Kaleb…wink, wink. Sorry to hear about your car. Hope all is better now. I have seen so much here I have so much to tell you two when I get home.
It’s raining here today. I hear it’s doing that at home also. We did have a few nice days which allowed us to do the “tourist” thing. We went to the beach the waves rocked! We also went to Cape Coast where we did a rainforest canopy walk 140 feet in the air! I did it, I cried, but I did it! We also went to St. George’s slave castle. I can’t comprehend the horror these people went through! I felt sick to my stomach and embarrassed that the slave trade even occurred. What else blows my mind is that the people here where rapped beaten and stolen from their homeland, forced into slavery and yet have no anger or animosity over any of it! These people are amazing.
Well I better get going I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. Oh, Pastor Judy hello, I hope you are well. Grandma, I finished the book and I really liked it. Now I really am going. TTYL Tania xoxo

P.S. Hi Zack <3

AHMED Darcie talks about you all the time! It’s making me sick!!!LOL!!

Hey everyone its Darcie,

Hope you all are doing well and keeping busy. Having some great and bright sunshine, we get it sometimes mostly just cloud cover and some showers. So yesterday was a very busy day… we woke up and did some work on the compound until lunch. Then we got ready for another football game, and since I am in Africa I will us it by the name that they call it here. We drove up to the school and all of the kids were there and were to watch us omg!!! There had to been about 2-300 kids there watching us or at least it felt like it. But I still played… I had this one girl come up to me “are you going to play? I don’t think so you run and you just fall over, you are too big to play” I said I would do my best…we lost 2-3 a way better improvement from last time. After the game the girl found me and said “okay okay you can play” lol so does that mean I have skills? What else….I guess shout outs…mom..Thank you for letting me know about my ticket and thank you for getting it for me! and give a great big hug to bear for me I miss him and it almost made me cry thinking about him running to you, also tell Carissa about her part in the blog if she doesn’t read it. Carissa…keep your promise you know what I am talking about. Whit …all I can say is I am still jealous. Ang…you better be still hangings in there haven’t heard from you and I hope your date went well you still need to fill me in on that. Heather….how is Brett working out, is he driving you crazy yet? Missing me lol? Ahmed…you should read some of the other peoples blogs some wrote messages for you. And it is spelt like this I…..L.O.V.E……..Y.O.U. I don’t think it is that hard. I love you baby miss you so much and I talk about you all the time lol. Can’t wait to give you a call when I am back in the country so I can hear that voice of yours. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Hi Everyone, Hope here. Feeling emotional today, so I’ll try not to leak all over you. Jas, you made us all laugh the most last night. Nadia and Sarah, are there any other Stogryn’s, Veit’s, or Ferguson’s out there? Could you help them figure out how to write to us? (Nathan too!!) By the way Sarah, you wrote exactly the right thing, one could think you had been here before with us. (hehe). Any chance Penny and Lawrence could set up a group blog from St Paul’s. I guess my message is that it is not enough to just follow us on the blog. We like to hear from our family and friends. Otherwise, every thing is fine. Nathan, I am carrying on your tradition of practical jokes…..don’t tell Patrick it was me……Comfort is sewing up a storm and loving every minute of it. Oh, and Elmina slave castle was amazing (and disturbing)…The Portugese and Dutch loved their low doorways and steep stairs. Emma is still asking hard Questions and he told us last night he will start on his masters in September. We are so proud of him we could bust. Somebody tell Becky and Dillon I said Hi and to please give all my Doggies an extra hug. I miss them all. A special note to the Otter clan….We are delighted to report Sara has fallen in love with a Ghanaian named Bob. Picture to follow. We haven’t set a bride price for her yet. Sorry if this all sounds like gibberish to those of you who haven’t been here. Everybody say an extra prayer for us today, you never know when we will.
Love Hope

Dear Ahmed I personally think that you should read over what a guy named Zach has posted and learn from him. Darcie loves you and misses you very much and is not getting much of any emotions back and I think it is making her sad. She talks about you all the time and you sound like a great guy and a perfect match for her personality and I know it would mean a lot to her to get a nice message from you.

Hey its Lex!
Hope all is well on the home front! and just to clear this up we never actually met Obama- you nerrrds…and I quote “he came to Ghana and all the little kids were running out yelling Obama, Obama at a-helicopter :P” that’s partially what made it so funny…but yeah he didn’t come to Kokrobitey and personally introduce himself to us! But it would have been quite the story.
We have had quite the week..we moved 900 blocks before 11:35am one day:) girl power…lol something that runs in the fam I guess:) We have been making a lot of progress on the compound and you can actually see the difference!
We went to Borthianor yesterday a village about 10 mins from here and played soccer against school kid’s ..once again we got killed!.. I never knew it would be so much fun getting my butt kicked my nine year olds for the second time in 3 weeks! And the audience was so much bigger this time. We had children’s games night at the church last night(Friday) which was super fun! our team gave the kids some stickers and most of the children didn’t know what they were, sad yet cute. Today (Saturday) we picked up garbage in the town with local Ghanaians from the church – it was pretty interesting if that’s the way to describe and we picked up a lot but there is still so much more because there isn’t actual garbage cans. We have been keeping really busy around here and time is going way to fast..home in 12days leaving Africa in 10! I am going to be so sad I have met some really amazing people..Daniel (my African dad) Edmund,Regina,Alfred,Mary,Gifty,Samuel,Theodica,Comfort,Joshua,Kimbell&baby Israel..are all people who we have been living with the whole time! So it is seriously going to kill me to leave them! Howevs, I do miss you guys and I hope your all taking care! [Daniz, were in Canada on the 5th and home on the 6th hopefully your down on the 7th!!!! cause I love you! Thanks for everything - what I wanted you to print off was my signature pages but then I realized mom would have to sign them so duh on my behalf| can you make sure she made me an appoint at the bank? and thanks again you’re the best!.. I don’t know if I've wrote cause we haven’t got updates yet but whatev…I give up on that!] I love it here but Canadian home is slowly creeping up..and we have a long day at Church tomorrow so I got to go! See you all next week …I guess! Love ya too much..Peace out homies!
Ps. Aunt Dawn & Gram I know you have accounts lol so where’s the messages! Love you! And the reason I said next week is cause I know this won’t be posted until Monday! Have a good one!

Hey its Chelsey again.
Just adding quickly what we did this week in addition to my first blog. So this is 5 days after my first blog. We had kids night on Friday and played a lot of games with the local children at the church. It was a lot of fun!! All the kids are cute as always. I met this little girl named Charity. We stayed beside me all night. We also go to play soccer that day in a local village. They obviously beat us again but it was a really fun game. Made me feel at home. It was a really hot day. It was like three schools came to watch, so it was very intimidating but I think we did good. We did the garbage cleanup today in the village. We started around eight and the church helped. By the end we had local kids asking for gloves and joining in to, so that was really nice to see. Two little children around 5 years old carrying a garbage bag around for us so it was really cute. Met some more friends too and the village got to see us working which was also good. The garbage on the sides of the road is unbelievable so it was good to help. The weather is still nice and we actually moved 900 blocks before 1130 on Thursday morning so I would say we are doing amazing. And we are all looking amazing too hahaha lots of muscles!! :P Its nice to see the finished project and we are doing so good that we might even be done 2 day. s ahead of schedule so we have more time for other projects which is really good. But I think that’s it for now. Because I already said hey in my first blog and everything ill just say a quick hey again and everything here is still amazing. Times almost up though which is sad because it’s amazing here. The people are wonderful! But I can’t wait to hear from you all soon. Hope everything is still good and love you all loads as always. You know who you are. Family and friends!! Love you.. Chelsey <3 xoxoxooxo

Hi everybody, its Don.

Hope all is well at home. Cameron and Kieran I miss you both and Mom and I will be home soon. We are very busy here but we are getting lots of work done. In one day we moved 900 blocks which is 36000 pounds of bricks and that was before lunch. The team threw me an awesome birthday surprise party. It was very cool. They made balloons cake and cupcakes. The cake was amazing and the team made me feel very special on my birthday . Hope this message finds everyone well at home Tania and I love the posts we receive keep them coming. Give the boys a big hug and kiss from us and tell them that we will be home soon. I will try and write again before then. Much love from Africa Don

Hey all, Jack here…
Hah Jeff boss good to hear from yah, lookin forward to hanging out with yah man and sharing some stories. I hope everything is well with yah and you’re keeping Dad updated. I haven’t heard from him in yet, but we haven’t had updates in a while. Life is good here, really enjoying myself and time has really flown, I think you’ll enjoy some stories I got for yah. Joey thanks for the shout out boss, great to hear from yah man (although keep your stories to yourself, lol ill be back in a week.) Tell the guys I say hey and missing Colborne and everything that goes with it, but I’m also quite enjoying myself. I’m hoping I’ll have a surprise for everyone. Hey Dad if you’re reading this I hope all is great with yah and the two idiots, I actually kinda miss them. Hah I can’t wait to sit with yah and tell you all about it. If you can, Tell Shaun I said happy late birthday and hope it was great for him. But yah, miss ya all…can’t wait to get back to Colborne. Owe, make sure everyone’s ready for my glorious return, lmao. Alright see yah…

PS ohh and Dar, hah haven’t forgot about yah, I hope everything is great with the family and with you. Send my love to everyone and it’d be nice to hear from you… hah that’s it.
PPS oh I’m almost out of salt

Hey it's Meg - hitting the home stretch now which is nuts, time fly’s really. I have no idea what I wrote in my last blog but I guess I’ll brief it - we went to the market last week and I only got ripped off once which is great news… I’m getting good at the whole bargaining thing, the power really does go out every other day, it been sunny for about a week now - NO RAIN ! which is a bonus & then some … went to Bortianor to play soccer (football) and it was really fun - this guy came over with two drums pointed at me and said “you play!” it was really embarrassing cause as we all know I have no musical talent whatsoever … but I got a video of it so you’ll be able to see the embarrassing moment ! On Friday it was children’s night at the church and it was an absolute blast – all the kids had so much fun laughed hysterically playing games and what not with thee “Obruny” we did an environmental clean up today and walked around the village picking up garbage, it’s sad because there is so much & there is so much we weren’t allowed to pick up because it’s dangerous, we’ve done lots and I’m having a blast, the last few days I really did not feel so hot cause I had a pounding head ache that wouldn’t go away it was unstoppable ! but 3 days later here I am happy and excited that I’m not going to be sick for the last week we are here … making lots of friends! Went to church today and you gotta love church in Ghana “HOW MANY OF YOU CANADIANS HAVE EVER SHOUTED TO THE LORD!? WELLL SHOUT TO THE LORD - AND SHAKE YOUR BODDDYYY FOR THE LORD!”… ( Alexas explained about Barack I believe! .. hilarious) Mmmm... Hey mom & fam – Isaac your message was hilarious got a kick outta it – Eliza I’ll try for a dress if we get to go back to the market, please don’t get your hopes up but I’ll try and use those bargaining skills - we did of course get you something small already – Blake glad you have some one to teach you the ropes on a computer (Thanks Tara, and p.s. of course I remember you ! It' not like I forgot you in a day, I also know you have been to Africa, animals I believe ? I will show you pics & say hi to the villagers) Blake we do have a date it’s to see HARRY POTTER! Hope you’re as excited as I am, love you see you in 10 days :) … COLBORNE – not too much longer till we get home - hope you’re not having too much fun without us love you guys & I’ll talk to you soon …… ps. You all know what time it is when we get home? I hope so … ( how’s the lap top?) (pps only 500 more blocks!! Woo hoo)

Hey, it’s Rachel.
Though we still have a week+ left, I am confident that this has been one of, if not the, fastest month in my life. There have been days with quite a bit of down time, which is essential, and days with only a moment’s rest. Now that we’re down to the countdown, I am trying to soak in as many moments as I can---and appreciate the experience they give me…I am afraid I will go home and wish I could go to ‘that place’ for “just one more time!”. This week or so has been good for those experiences, as the other weeks have been. We worked with the children in the Kokrobite church on a games night (super good time, despite our fatigue going in to the evening) on Friday, and on Saturday morning for a couple hours we stretched on some latex gloves and picked up litter on the side of the road throughout the village. Though we picked a good trunk’s worth of garbage bags, there is enough trash here to sustain a lifetime of garbage picking---one of the heartbreaking aspects of Africa. On Saturday afternoon, a young local friend, Joshua, led Daryl, Jennine and I to his home. This meant we walked in, over, and through the homes and lives of the civilians here in Kokrobite, and saw how people really live here. It’s hard to explain in writing what it was like---kind of like a giant dirt backyard, with houses ranging in quality and stability throughout. From our perspective, we don’t see any borders of one “property” from another. When Daryl asked Joshua where his home was, he did a side-to-side motion with his hand and said “this is my home”---a gesture to show that the 2 or 3 structures surrounding him housed him and most likely the majority of his extended family, if not more. Seeing these living conditions adds a whole different level of my perception of understanding and appreciating the quality of the lives of those here in Ghana. Anyway---that’s it for now. (I’m late to my date of exchanging money to the Canadian Bank of Ghana---aka, Daryl.) Can’t wait to hear from everybody—and I’ll see you in 11 days! (Have a fruit salad ready for me!!!) Hope you’re all doing well. –Rachel.

KIM - So time is flying like it always does here in Ghana and we are doing amazing work on the construction site. Today (Friday July 24th) we have another soccer game … it’s my plan to twist my ankle while doing concrete this morning so that I don’t have to play (but don’t tell) … but seriously this soccer playing thing is the hardest thing we do…. I keep picturing myself spontaneously combusting! Oh well as always we will get though the hard stuff as a team. Any way I should not complain because this morning is concrete and I Love concrete!!! Really I do! And then tonight we have a games night that will be a lot like youth group, Carla I wish you were here we would rock Kokrobite! I hope your move went smoothly I can’t wait to see the new place.
I miss you all like crazy! Dawn have you picked a date for Gabriel’s party? Jas have you got the details on the cottage? Girls have we figured out a time / location for the 15th? I know the last week and a bit will be gone before I know it so pray that I can make the most of the time I have left and I will see you on the other side of the ocean. <3 k

Hey its Sara
I don’t wanna leave.
Hi mom and dad. Yes we did play soccer two games already we obviously lost both. These kids are terrifyingly intense. We have been to the beach a couple of times, the waves are huge and it is always so much fun. So much work has been done that we will be probably done earlier than planned. YAY! How’s the house coming along? We went to a canopy walk and I almost cried it was so high and we walked across a rope ladder which was very shaky no help from Isaac. So hey family, love you all miss you but I can wait until I come home.
To AHMED I think for both you and Darcie’s sake you should take some lesson of blog postings from Zack.
To Zack ha-ha hey buddy we always get a good chuckle out of your blogs but come on Haley isn’t the only one here!!!
Alright I am out for now thanks for your blogs posts, and prayers.

Hey everyone, this is amazingly good looking and humble Isaac (everyone cheers from lack of hearing from me), today I am going on a pretty much all day taxi ride with George just to hang out and suchly, hope I have fun. I am writing waiting for him to show up so you know where I am coming from. Hope your all good at home, one week left, kinda ready to be home, think I hear George….

I am doing ok and feeling fine, nope wasn’t George, and other than my revelation that this is my last time to Ghana I am mostly stable lol. Don’t know what much to say and my legs are killing me so kinda hard to think through, I ran up and down stairs all day Thursday with blocks, then did a half day work and two soccer matches Friday, then a half day environmental pick up on Saturday dancing church Sunday and swimming against hard undertow Sunday evening (and went a whole 50’ on a body surfed wave WOOT), essentially every muscle in my legs is constantly aching so much that it’s dangerous getting in and out of my top bunk, never had this much and such wide spread pain anywhere, k enough whining.

How are all you at home, I want to know, Nadia, Esi, Nate, Sarah, Kelly, Emma all of you, and Nadia where are Aunt Tracy and Josh, please accost them, also where are my grandparents!!!???, maybe it’s all of you that have fallen off the face of the earth and not myself.
Nadia I will have you know that Jack is taking care of his duties well enough and the license it taped to the wall in our room, also the Malta is spectacular and I have had numerous bottles this trip, Mmmmmmmm, k well I have talked myself out, sorry to all of you who don’t know me that I put you through all this, you really didn’t have to read it, anyway, Nadia if you could just check on Emma for me that’d be great and all of you write lots, Zack if your reading this I will have you know that the more you write the farther toward the floor people fall, please write as much as you can, (<3), anyway, I think I am done now and see you all in 10 days or so, Love life and Laughter to all.
1Corinth 13:7


  1. Darcie Girl!!! You guys seem to have done soooo much over there. Way to show them how hard working us Canadians are!!! Keep it up!!
    Of course Brett is driving me crazy...isn't that his job? :) Lots to tell you but not on here lol.
    Keep up all of the hard guys are doing amazing things!!

  2. Hey Haley Bob! Okay, I can believe you work hard but I can NOT picture you playing soccer. Did they actually get you to PLAY? Haley? Running after a ball and KICKING it????
    I think you should extend the trip cuz you've just got the muscles are warmed up. You're getting so much accomplished. Awesome!
    You aren't missing anything here. The weather sucks.
    There are 52 countries in Africa so you must be specific. You don't like fish in Ghana. Who knows if you like fish in Botswana? Kenya? South Africa? You'll have to visit those countries and find out.
    I am sure you are learning so much and your world is so much bigger. I am SOOOO jealous (in a good way, not a sinful way lol) and can't wait to visit that great continent myself one day.
    Thanks for giving Canadians a good name so they'll be happy to see me when I come!
    Aunt JOdi

  3. Hi Haley Joanna!!!!!!!! YOUR A BIG LOSEEEEEERRRRRRRR..... lol Pudge is starting to move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so shocked and appauled! He's going really blonde your going to be surprised when you see him :-) Anywhoober honkers love you mua
    P.SYour a loser :-)
    from steph

  4. Dear Mum, Dad, Isaac and Mikaela,

    Things are good. Holding down the fort. Going to take care of Ed and Marie's place on Friday for two weeks. But I'll be here when you get back :) I shall try to get a hold of various family members and such. Keep up the good workskies! It all sounds very exciting :)



    Dear Paul,

    I thought I emailed YOU last?!?! Haha :) I am sorry dear friend. I shall send you one soon!

    Many Hugs,


    Dear Jack,

    Well done. I am proud.


    ... dear everyone... DRINK MORE MALTA AND EAT MORE FANICE. You will miss it when you come home. Also, keep lovin that concrete and those bricks, you will strangely miss those as well.

    Also peoples. Hugs are the best thing ever.



  5. Yo Team.... You are in the home stretch!! make us proud.... lets see if you can get that new record of 901 blocks in a day.... Steve looks like you have room to carry more blocks there... hmmm So Kim ya no final word on the cottage but they took our money... a good thing... your underwear... well we had a great sale... jk... no yardsale weather is not co-operating.... I am in training this week on how to become a better leader!! yeah!!!! Possessions what possessions you didn't want any of that glasswear did ya?
    As you wish
    Your Farm Boy
    PS. hmm don't forget my flag & fresh snappy.

  6. so, did anyone hug kim for me?

    it is so cool to hear of you guys continuing the reign of canadian awesomeness on the job site. whoot!

    please eat chocolate on my behalf. that ghanian cocoa is so great! eat some ground nut stew too. mmm stew.

    laura stewart

    finish strong you guys God will give you strength where you think you may fail. he's given you the tools you need, just reach for them in faith.

  7. Hi Sara and everyone else,

    It's great to hear from you all again. What amazing work you've been doing. And to think Hope and Daryl thought they needed more male members on the team. God knew what he was doing, again. And Sara about Bob, you're still too young to make marriage committments. Hold out for someone a little more your type (as in HUMAN ! !) Has Hope had to tie your hands together yet to keep you from petting the animals? Jacquie will be so excited to see the picture of her sponsored child getting her gift. She was mentioning it to me last week. Good thing Isaac is there to bug you so you don't lose the feeling of being bugged by brothers. Your room is slowly coming along. It's a long process changing blue walls to yellow. Keep working hard and having fun.
    Love you, Mom (Dad says hi too)

  8. Dear, rachel

    I L-O-V-E-D the picture alot! haley and you are looking tanned and ripped! haley looks like she lost weight and got ripped!!
    and just try and beat me up.. ill take you down with a running hug.. i bet you miss hugs :}hahaha
    your home in 1+ weeks? thats awesome! i cant wait to see you, you guys can come help paint my room in august! im so excited to move in, but more excited to see you and haley and sara!
    and summer school is killng me.... i am rotting in my seat because its so boring. i have 4 days till im done, but thats if i come out alive and breathing frm the exam!


  9. HEY its me once again.. well considering your not gettin my messages.. well it doesnt seem like it anyway.. ill just send this last one and see you guys in just over a week.. hope your last days go well there and your plane ride home is safe and oh so fun.. and Jack i will prepare everyone for your return! and did you read all those books yet? cuz i want them next haha
    Chels, hope to see you right when you get back.. i have a cell now so you can text me :P and P.S ive quit smoking too.. i had too.. lung wasnt doing so well.. tell you when u get back.. well until i see you be safe and have fun

  10. HEY My Lil Brat (Sara)
    It's been a pretty busy week over here, Steph and PJ got married, such a good night, hopefully I get some pictures! They also got a little chiuhauha puppy, she looks like a little mini rottwieler! They named her Lady Gwendolyn Elizabeth Puppington LeConte, but Gwen for short LOL! So Mom is painting her buns off and tomorrow we are off to help Tanya and Craig move from the back of their building to the front apartment, it is a two bedroom so there is a room for me and you! Hey, maybe we will get another barbeque out of this move!!! Well lil sister, take in everything you can this next week and keep on working..and don't forget to wrestle a lion for it's tooth for me, if you haven't done it you don't have much! I LOVE YOU!!!!! YOUR BIG SISTER ERIN XOXOXOXOXO

  11. Sorry for bugging you, I didn’t mean to :) I’m all good now :) there are no big problems other than my foot… :( but I think its all good now but I still cant have fun till I talk to the doc on Wednesday so I hope I’m right :) iv just been liven off music, The Book<3 and now the Y :) oh ya and I’m getting my cowboy boots!!!! I’m so excited:-D I haven’t had a pair since grade 7 my feet grew a lot: P oh and the Harry potter movie I was lost the whole time… and I don’t even remember it lol the bugs are killer at the drive in!!! And it rained and Adam and max were asking me questions about there lady problems haha I’m the man out of the guys I say it’s awesome: P we are really busy we are getting ready to start packing all our stuff and MOVE!!! :) I’m so happy the hole upstairs MINE :-D and its only 20 min from your house and 20 from town :P I timed it with me driven haha :P but your going to be really impressed with the book :) I’m a lot better at art than I thought :P its looking vary nice :) hahaha sorry but Marcus is a tool :P I was over at Adams and he prank called my cell with one of his cottage buddies and I think I scared the one kid hahaha :P Adam is taking creatine now so he is going to get jacked faster but there is not a difference yet. : P iv been going to the Y every day for a week now for a hour and a half work out, I’m going to be taking creatine to when I get back from Quebec :) so in 4 weeks ill be jacked!! ;) I Love that so many people talked to me in there post :) I might not know them but that’s alright: P I say Hello too ALL and amazing job!! Keep working hard:) and I’m not sure if this was for me but I say hi to you to Tania :) and this AHMED guy?? Who is he: P and why should he read my post and learn?? Lol kind of confused there: P and Isaac I did read your post and I don’t get what your said: p the further I Wright to the floor people fall??? I do not get it: P but Ill keep wrighting don’t worry :)
    To Sara, I know Haley is not the only one there but she is everything to me<3 my Life <3 and I hate not knowing how she is doing :( or if she needs cheering up:( so I try to talk to her as much as possible <3 when I do get a new post it’s the highlight of my day <3
    Well there is nothing new here the weather is still SUCK!! But hopefully better soon.
    Anyways I guess ill go and sleep because it’s way past my bed time. Goodnight Haley <3 I LOVE you so so so much<3<3<3 and missing you every day I miss your kiss so much  I wish we had one more before you left<3<3<3<3 I still have my bracelet/hair tie: P it’s about to break so I’m really edgy if anyone touches it lol it’s on me all day everyday <3 haha my mom calls it, zacks little piece of Haley: P you haven’t left my mind since you left <3 cant wait to see ya<3 bye bye<3 cant wait to hear from you again <3 love you babe <3

    No spelling Mistakes in this one!!! 
    the squares are smily faces :)

  12. the squares are sad faces to.
    bye bye love you haley <3
    goodnight xoxoxo <3

  13. Hi Steve and team
    Loving all the great pictures.Mike is wowed by your arms,Steve.Looks like you are all having some fun as well as working sooooo hard.
    You have all done such an amazing job and should be so proud of yourselves.We are all proud of you.
    Keep up the great work!
    Enjoy your last week and take in all the sights,smells and love from the Ghana people.
    Was that your drum in the picture?
    Also,nice shirt.
    See you soon.
    Love you
    Mom and Dad

  14. hey haley girl this is beppe with her one finger in action i ve sent other notes to u who know if u get themi love u and this team is doing an amazing job stay safe god bless u all u can tell us all about your amazing adventure when we c u

  15. So much I want to say - but will take the advice from Daryl and say...

    Hang in there! Keep up the good work! You're on the home-stretch, so it's not time to get sentimental! Soak up every second you can so that you can take it home with you! We're all so proud of you, and I am personally envious of your incredible dedication and determination! You're clearly setting records there, so keep going and don't lose sight of the goal!

    You can read between the lines to hear what else I want to say...

    Also - Hope - you will be happy to hear that Elizabeth has started making up her own prayers for you guys, and they humble me.

    Love Jennifer, Ted and Elizabeth

  16. Hi Melissa

    I do have a story that is a little funny. You can ask mom when you get home but we took Mark and his friends paintballing. Mom thinks she is really good at it but she is covered in bruises from being hit.

    On one game she and the kids tried to get at three guys from the place that were in a tower.

    As mom was coming up to it she got hit and said "I am hit". The guy in the tower hit her three more times and you should have heard her yell at him "I AM HIT!!!" She has a nasty bruise there. She used that same shriek she uses when you guys are running late in the morning.

    The renovations are just about done. The new doors are going on today and we will just be finishing that tiling then. We are currently cleaning up most of the stuff and putting away the trailer.

    Your room was a complete project in itself. I thought maybe the window was left open and we had a tornado in there.

    Sorry about the shower but it looked too good to pass up.

    All this is secondary to the great work you guys are doing. The pictures are amazing. You should all be very proud. Keep up the great work.

    Only about one week to go so focus on the job and we will see you when you get home

    Love DAD, Mom and Mark

  17. Hello everyone!

    It was so good to hear from Hope & Isaac - - but Mikaela where are you?!? I see your beautiful face in the pictures, and I know you've got this whole "protest" thing going on, but your friends and family at home are desperate to hear from you and are starting to feel a bit cheated. :p Have a heart - tell us how you're doing!

    Nathan did try writing but the computer ate it as he was trying to get logged in. He'll try again I'm sure. I do know that some people are having difficulty with needing to have an account in order to write to you here - they don't understand how to sign up, or they don't remember their passwords from when they signed up before, etc etc.

    Nathan & I haven't renovated the bathroom, but we HAVE been building a deck. The pressure-treated frame is in, now we just have to buy the cedar to go on top. (that was our compromise on saving money vs saving the environment!)

    Esi is fine. We bought her a new brush and she now LIKES to be brushed every day. We bought her dentastix too, to help with the bad tooth. In fairness, her love of the dentastix may be what has led her to like being brushed since she gets a dentastick after we're done brushing.

    Your farm and all its inhabitants (both the two-legged & four-legged varieties)are fine.

    We had an NYFC board/staff meeting on Monday, which went well overall I think. We are getting together for a bbq on August 7th - just for fun - and necessary things are starting to get set in motion for the Fall.

    Life at the church is fine - everything is under control, even if it isn't all unfolding exactly as planned with the fill-in ministers. No worries though - June & I have got it covered. :) And we have a nice flat screen monitor in the office now, for a very reasonable price.

    Those are all the bits and pieces I can think of, regarding things you may be wondering about from your corner of Canada. If you want to know anything else, just ask.

    Now that the weather there is heating up, and since you are all obviously working SO HARD - make sure you stretch gently before & after working (this helps reduce muscle injury/muscle soreness - its important!). Drink enough water, and take enough breaks. And it isn't a "break" for your body unless you're sitting down - a standing up break doesn't count! I know you are super motivated to get this job done well and to set records, but don't let it be at the expense of your own safety and well-being. Watch out for each other. Not just on the worksite and in public places, but in the "quietness" of the everyday moments too. Keep an eye on your room-mates, your team-mates, your friends, and ask yourself if there is anything you can do, to help them have an even better day. Give hugs liberally, breathe deeply, live fully in the moment, make choices you won't regret, and pray for each other. We're praying for you.

    Love & Hugs,

    Sarah (& Nathan)

  18. P.S. Thank you for your lovely words Paul. You made me cry in a good way. :)

  19. Hey Steve!

    Its Davey, I miss you, although I have been enjoying being able to sit on our couch before 1pm. Mom's been showing us all the pictures and reading out everyones posts in a very symbolic and beautiful way, it has only made me even more jealous of all of you guys and your awesomeness! The pictures are amazing, tell me thats your custom bongo?? The one where you are carrying that girl as though she was a small infant is also pretty great :). Glad to see you're all having a blast, and being extremely efficient with the building! It looks quite impressive. Anywho, I wish you all the best, see yah soon broskii!
    Love Dave (Kate says hi as well)

  20. HEY TANIA AND DON!, so i love how i creep you everyday but everyone at work is happy that i can keep them posted on your wonderful adventure, they are all proud of you and think your doing a great job! holly asked me to write to you cuz she wants to know how clean you want your house? lol... shes hilarious! and i must say tania, i love the pic of you cutting hair and im bringing it to work with me today to post in the backroom hahaha, anyways i shall go now, ill see you soon, wish you the best with your last week, keep up the excellent work, you guys rock and i love you both! yes don... even you... p.s. my tile is just fantastic and has not cracked yet, yay! lol... much love xoxo -Nicole

  21. Me again. (Nadia)

    As per your question, dear brother, Grandma and Grandpa are in Newfoundland, and will be until a day or two before you get home.

    Loves and many hugses


  22. Dear Mommy and Dad,

    I miss you a lot. How is the food? How much ketchup do you have left?
    I hope you come back soon and healthy. Is work really hard? Did you get a lot of work done? Is it hard to wash clothes?
    Grandpa Craig and me worked on the swing set. Keiren and me went swimming in the pool that Grandma Craig bought.
    When I was at my Dads, I went bowling. I got 2200 tickets from bowling to use in the Arcade.
    Keiren has teeth and he is getting more. When he woke up, he gave me a big kiss. Keiren has two new straw drinking cups. Keiren really likes them.
    I make my bed every morning. I am having a good time at Grandma and Grandpa Craigs. Love Cameron

    Hi Tania and Don; Mom and Dad here. Just read the new blog from Tania. Regarding the recent menues - we look forward with anticipation to seeing what you have learned in Africa. We canot believe that you have accomplished so much in this period of time. We are so proud of you for making a difference in the lives of so many people. We picked up Cameron on Sunday night and Keiren was so happy to see him. We went for a picnic and to the splash pads today - the boys thoroughly enjoyed the day (so did Grandma and Grandpa). God Bless, take care. Lots of love. Mom and Dad

  23. hey evryone in africa this is Kelly, hope you are having lots and lots of fun
    hey Isaac thing here are going ok we have had a lot of rain and more rain and did i mention rain anyway lots of nothing to do this week but no biggy. i miss you lots
    love you all

  24. Hi Don and Tania,

    Just read the new blog and pictures are great too. Tania, that looks like you cutting hair!
    Sharon just read Cameron's letter and you should get it soon. What a tremendous amount of work your group is doing. You will have so many great memories to share upon your return. Take care and keep up the fantastic work. Love Aunt Joyce

  25. hey haley <3
    today was a mojor thinking day for me :P i have them everyonce and a while:) i was think about how proud i am of you!! your breacking records moving blocks!! thats so much hard work and you deticated your self to this and i love that<3 it just makes me feel more and more luckey to be with you <3 words cant explane how im feeling right now im in a speechless with a big smill moment right now <3 and i was talking to adam about this at the Y today, about how amazing!! you look in the pics;) and how hard you guys are working and he said thats amazing!! and the reacord you guys brpke he was like holey cow thats huge!! well i geuss ill go im goimg to move some of my aunts stuff into storage.
    i love you haley <3
    and im so proud of you<3 just tough through the last bit babe<3 keep working:)
    bye bye<3
    Zack xoxo<3

    i compleatly forgot to tell you about my book, its called The Buccaneers. ok long story short :P its all about this guy and he gos on theis ship that is attacked buy bad guys and they bring him on there ship and they are trying to find this other ship (forget what its called lol) and kill the capitan. thats all i know so far, im not really into it though so i think im gonna give that book up:P
    anyways ill let ya go<3
    love ya baby<3
    Zack xoxo <3

  26. Wow! Those pictures look amazing! I am so proud of you guys and still keeping you in my prayers.
    STEVE WHERE IS YOU POST?!? you need to write to us so I can tell people how you are doing!!! I can't believe that youre almost done! Finish hard into the end- the lord is your strengh. You are all beautiful people and its been so great hearing your stories. If you want to send me notes down for your friends there after you get back, I can take them to the compound when I go down!!! Have an amazing last week- AND STEVE YOU BETTER WRITE SOMETHING BEFORE YOU COME HOME! See you soon. :)


    Nehmiah 6:9 They were all trying to frighten us, thinking, "Their hands will get too weak for the work, and it will not be completed."
    But I prayed, "Now strengthen my hands."

    Psalm 27
    Of David.
    1 The LORD is my light and my salvation—
    whom shall I fear?
    The LORD is the stronghold of my life—
    of whom shall I be afraid?
    2 When evil men advance against me
    to devour my flesh, [a]
    when my enemies and my foes attack me,
    they will stumble and fall.

    3 Though an army besiege me,
    my heart will not fear;
    though war break out against me,
    even then will I be confident.

    4 One thing I ask of the LORD,
    this is what I seek:
    that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
    all the days of my life,
    to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD
    and to seek him in his temple.

    5 For in the day of trouble
    he will keep me safe in his dwelling;
    he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle
    and set me high upon a rock.

    6 Then my head will be exalted
    above the enemies who surround me;
    at his tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy;
    I will sing and make music to the LORD.

    7 Hear my voice when I call, O LORD;
    be merciful to me and answer me.

    8 My heart says of you, "Seek his [b] face!"
    Your face, LORD, I will seek.

    9 Do not hide your face from me,
    do not turn your servant away in anger;
    you have been my helper.
    Do not reject me or forsake me,
    O God my Savior.

    10 Though my father and mother forsake me,
    the LORD will receive me.

    11 Teach me your way, O LORD;
    lead me in a straight path
    because of my oppressors.

    12 Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes,
    for false witnesses rise up against me,
    breathing out violence.

    13 I am still confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the LORD
    in the land of the living.

    14 Wait for the LORD;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the LORD.

  27. Hello Gang - it 's Tracy here. No, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth but have all been extremely busy.

    Grandma and Grandpa are still travelling through Newfoundland and will be returning home just a couple of days before you. I have spoken with them just a couple of times - they are having a wonderful trip, but are often in areas with little to no cell service much less internet.

    Work has been busy - kids have been busy ... Bryan seems to be staying so busy we don't even see him - the odd grunt around noon if I happen to stop home for lunch and maybe a "goodnight" before bed if he's home before I crash. Hmmm. Bryan has signed on with a company called Spring Masters where he goes door to door to sign people up to have their driveways sealed or lawns aerated. It is purely commission, so I'm not sure if he'll make much money, but it is bound to be a learning experience in many ways.

    Josh has been busy working full time at the medical warehouse, has quit his part time job at Starbucks (after 3 years!)and has started a new business ( with his friend Aashish selling freshly roasted coffee. They are just getting started so this has been occupying everyone's time as we all get caught up in the excitement!

    On top of all that, we had a wicked storm a couple of weeks ago which blew out the hard drive on our home computer. It was just fixed today (yeah!!) so I am posting this as I load up all the stuff I can that went missing.

    Josh and I have both been checking the blog regularly (Jason is kind enough to send emails each time there is an update)and we are all very pleased and thrilled to hear how well the team is doing. Missing regular posts from Isaac and Mikaela, but we know you are old hands at this so expect you are in fine shape.

    I hope everyone is geared up to give it your all for the final week. You have soooooo much to be proud of - stats aside, don't forget the significant impact you are having on the lives of many people, young and old, in Ghana as well as each other. Ghana, and the folks in Kokrobite, will always hold a special place in Josh's heart as they will for you too. (Daryl & Hope - time to start working on him now for the next mission ... maybe Sarah too!)

    Much love to you all,
    Tracy, Josh and Bry ... Grandma and Grandpa too!

  28. Haley : Dad again. Mom and i talked last night and we have to make the, Place for the barb/Patio a wee bit bigger. This way we can put a chair on it.
    We pray for the team and for strenght to finish the work while you`re there.
    It`s very very busy here now, FINALLY! Time passes quickly. I`m sure it does for you guys too.Soak up as much of this trip as you can. Did i tell you how Proud i am of you!! I sure tell everyone else.Keep up the FANTASTIC JOB!! Love DAD

  29. Hi all, like Sarah I am missing Mikaela - don't punish us anymore please.

    I was thinking of what I should tell you now, and I heard a small voice tell me that it's all about the gifts. If there is a way that you haven't used what God gave you with an open heart and soul, this is your BIG CHANCE.

    Remember, Jesus sent the disciples and the 70 out 2 by 2. Look for a partner, pray on it, find where you've been hesitant. Be bold and brave and give it your all.

    How much more time and effort could we give to building loving relationships in the village, with Samuel's family, at the school, and so on?
    Use these last days there as if they are your only chance to see the face of Jesus in everyone. Show them your love!

    And, review all the stuff Sarah S-S said about your health.

    We are proud of you and send you many, many hugs and prayers. Keep up God's work!

    Love to all,
    Ellen & David

  30. hey darcie.. miss you so much honey and i'm sorry for being late again..first of all happy birth day honey. i hope the guys gave you a special thing on you b-day . wow ! good to know that you are having good time there playing football and improving your skills that kids :( lol ...well about me i have been enjoying so much ! ummm i think i have been working alot lately 11 hours a day 6 days a week .. alot of weddings in the family .. and caught a flu last week .. so i think its was just awesome.i was following the blog everytime i recieve an e-mail from jason& kim but it was just photos or something just by daryl anyway i'm new when it comes to this blogs thing PEOPLE! :) .. just wish you all the best. and i'm sorry guys if darcie makes you sick of me :( lol. its a little hard for us as guys to get emotional or flirty specially when it comes to be in public culture barrier thing i guess i'm sorry for letting you down people .. i thought darcie know that i'm a little bit shy person. zack sounds like he is doing great job but i really don't have time to read all the blog and replys so i just look for my gf part.. i think i love you all people lol. again best of luck for those in ghana and in canada as well and i love you darcie can't wait to see you.
    P.S: thanks for the sweet words tania and hope .. and i was just wondering what the <3 means may be i can use it with my gf LOL.

  31. and paul i think you are such a nice guy .. darcie usee to talk about you and i have seen some writings for you on darcie's wall and now here on the blog.i just wanted to salut you.
    Best of luck

  32. Hi everyone it's your loving son/ brother/ complete stranger Nathan. I'm still alive and kicking, but I've been super busy. Just letting you know I'm still alive. Sounds like you're all doing great. Keep it up, make every minute count. See you when you get here.
    Stogy III

  33. You know what . Your buggers alexas and megan , everyone else on the planets you respond to, but not me . its like i dont even write :P , anywho love you keep up the hard work , and bring me back a keep sake. even if its a rock lmao

  34. Hi it's me Penny! You guys just keep outdoing yourselves and I think it's terrific! Don't, however, push yourselves too hard in the home stretch! Look after yourselves and each other. Your hard work and dedication to this project is truly a blessing! If nerves are getting a little tense in this last week, remember that the bible reminds us to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. And of course, as teachers are always saying: you have two ears and only one mouth for a reason! Be full of love for God and one another! See you on this side of the ocean!

    God's grace,

  35. Dear Rachel, my dearest itty bitty sista (p.s. it's Luke). First off,I'm happy to see that you still carve birthday wishes in the sand, whether it be on Achray beaches or the coast of Ghana. Anyway. With only a few day left in your stay, I wanted to try help you focus on the remaining days as much as possible. The last thing you should be doing is thinking about being home. So without further hullabaloo; I present the Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Miss Home.
    5. Dad continues to tell his jokes with the exact same wording and delivery, regardless of the amount of times it has been said. If I have to hear his line about the difference between height and stature one more time I'll move to Honolulu.
    4. All 3 bags of tortilla chips in the cupboard contain only the last 1/13 of the bag, yet have remained there for 3 weeks (insert appropriate dutch comment here)
    3. I will not give back your headphones. Ever.
    2. Our family has yet to learn to peel off the entire plastic covering on the yogurt container. How the simplest tasks still evade Dad is beyond me.
    1. A lake is not NEARLY as awesome as the ocean.

    Live it, love it.

    Luke et al.

  36. P.S.
    search "Sasquatch Music Festival" on youtube and watch the first link (Guy Starts Dance Party).
    Don't ever doubt the power of one :D

  37. Dear Little Brother... again.

    The lovely-lady-Emma is alive, I had a great talk with her last night. :)

    Mummy and Daddy:

    I also got a post card from Grandma and Grandpa today :) It made me smile. They're having a great time, and got to tour St FX with Frank and Linda - they also ran into Linda and Ernie Alkenbrack a few times, which they enjoyed.

    I called Grandma Lee the other day to give her an update, and she sounds like things are going ok. She's still raving about her gardens, and has me booked to eternity to come back and do them every year.

    Also got a message from Aunt Doe checking up on you guys. I told her how things are going, and sent her the blog address and asked her to write. Don't know if she's had time yet.

    I think thats about all. Becky and Dyllan say hi :) As do the puppies.



  38. ... and the goats and the cats and Pippin (and the chickens *shudder*).

    Mikaela, you better write soon - Becky wants to take Bosley home with her!

  39. Hey haley<3
    so today was crazy me and manny got ditched by adam in town so we here walking around for a LONG time lol we did lots of random funny stuff lol anyways i was just going to let ya know that im leaving for Quebec friday morning wich is tommorow morning and manny is coming too so it should be an even crazyer time at the camp haha :P
    IM going to be coming home monday or tuseday or wednsday we havent decided yet:P but im going to make sure im home when you are<3

    Manny says: hi :) hope everything is going over well and keep doing a good job :)

    well ill let ya go babe <3 mom keeps bugging me to pack:P
    keep working hard :) your doing an amazing job <3
    i love you haley <3
    Zack xoxo <3<3

  40. hey:) me again :P i just read and found out that that hi was not for me from Tania :P i fell a tool haha but oh well i still say hi:)
    when im in Quebec im not gonna be able to wright to you :( cuz no one in my family there has a computer lol but im going to try to use my moms phone to check the blog:)but i just wanna say if i dont get to sooner,
    have a safe flight home<3
    i LOVE YOU babe<3<3<3
    Zack xoxo <3<3<3
    bye bye <3

  41. Hey Rachel,

    It's Dad! I must clear up one crucial misrepresentation from a certain malicious previous post. I never, ever leave the plastic half-way on the yoghurt container; I always take it completely off. How quickly and carelessly one's reputation can be so badly damaged.

    I love your posts, Rachel, and all of the posts from everyone. We are very proud of what you are all doing and how you are engaging the realities there, both beautiful and hard. Rachel, I have one small piece of advice about taking in every moment and seeing everything: have the view and the faith that you will be going back there again sometime. Then you won't feel constant pressure to see everything while you're there, to cram it all in, thinking that you'll never get the chance again. That's something I've learned when I've travelled; it's taken the pressure off--and, typically I have gone back too.

    Have a great last number of days! Fruit salad is on its way. Love, Mark

    Now it's Mom: Hey sweetie. This is the second blog I have posted since your last photos. The first one for some reason didn't post. Probably just as well for I wrote it right after I read your blog and looked at all the photos. To say that it was kinda sentimental and teary might be an understatement. So now to help you stay focused and not get homesick allow me to add to Luke's list.
    1. We already had our car towed this summer. Yup as always it was a long wait, real embarrassing and a long ride home.
    2. Three days ago there was a bat in our house.
    3. Our shower still doesn't work past a dribble
    4. Luke is eating all the chips
    5. The birds are eating all the raspberries and the only beans we have are the ones growing on your brave little science project still in the white pot.

    Actually there are good things too. Grace has purple carrots that she is feeding to your bunnies. The lake is nearly warm enough to swim in. I have to run five kilometers first to get good and hot and then dive in. I don't think any one sees me. And we just bought a tent to replace the leaky one you slept in last year.
    So there it is sweetheart. I love you and can't wait to hear your stories.
    love Mom

  42. Hello Ghana Team.

    I, like you, went on a mission to Ghana some time ago, and I wanted to let you all know that what you've accomplished is truly amazing in the eyes of God. Each and every one of you is serving Him through your actions, your labours, your relationships with the Ghanaians and with each other. Heck, you're doing it just by washing the sweat and dirt off your face after a hard day's work.

    I know it hasn't been easy for you. I know the work is hard. But what you are doing benefits so many people. Never forget the contribution YOU made in Africa. Never forget the lives of that people that YOU touched and changed forever. Never forget that YOU made a difference.

    Please know that everyone back home who has followed this blog, everyone who knows you went to make a difference, loves you with all their hearts, respects you with all their minds, and are very proud of you because you chose to go to Ghana and do these tasks "not because they are easy, but because they are hard".

    I wish you all a safe trip home. You are all in my prayers.


  43. Hello Darcie...Mom and Steve here...oh yes and the hairy Bear and some Carissa on the side!
    So, you have been in the ocean..sounds wonderful! I have still not made it to a beach! Losing my tan! Saturday looks to be a fairly nice day. I think we are going to take the Willy's to Port Stanely for the day...hope the weather is good!. Carissa, Steve and I are going to Patty & Wayne's for a small Ringette crew get together tonight (Friday). Should be fun.
    I went away with the girls to Natawasaga (up north by Barrie) last weekend for a get away. It was fun, however, I got sick on the Saturday and didn't eat until some crackers Sunday night. Steve was over Sunday night as we were suppose to leave Monday to go to Dayton, Ohio to see the Military Museum. He didn't think that I was going to make it! But... I was feeling better Monday morning, so we took off. We got home Thursday night. Carissa stayed this week at the house to keep Bear company. I am going to send out invites for Aug.7 (next Friday) for whomever can make it over for your birthday.
    Your crew sounds pretty terrific, before you left for Ghana and while you are there. All those meetings really pulls it all together, doesn't it? Great work and it sounds like you are getting alot of moral support as well! Good for you showing the girl at soccer how good you are at sports...too bad they weren't playing
    Well hun...I should cut this off now. Steve and Carissa send their love and of course my love as well.(and Bear..purr...purr..) lol
    Love Mom xoxoxo

  44. Here is some more from the St. Pauls crew. I don't see the comment from the other people I posted earlier, I will try to repost soon! God Bless you Team!

    Eleanoer Dewey said,

    Hi everyone - especially Stogryns! Seems impossible your journey is soon to draw to a close. We've enjoyed the blogs from Jason, the messages, experiences & picturers! We've been right along with you, & sounds like the Team is doing a fantastic & good job!
    We're in the 80's today - I was over to Presqu'ile for a 'do" this afternoon enjoyed seeing old friends & familiar places.
    I've been busy picking raspberries - have 9 qts. so far which is very unusual; as hardly got any last year. Hope your patch has produced & that someone has picked them!
    I'm enjoying Lawrence's "Nooma" videos on Monday Evenings, our numbers are small, so we'll welcome you home!
    So enjoy these last days & bring home lots of memories to share with us. And safe journey home!
    Bye for now - see you soon!

  45. Found some more, posting again. Keep the faith that God is loving and caring for you all.

    Janice Parker said,

    Just a note to say I have been following your adventures and praying for all of you (especially Hope, my prayer partner) while you are doing such fantastic work! Hopefully getting some "play" time too. Enjoy the remainder of your stay and make as many memories as you can. Keep up the great works in God's name and he will bless each and every one of you greatly! Janice Parker

  46. Found some more from St. Pauls,

    June Armstrong said,

    From June, the technologically challenged one..... I am thinking of all of you often, and have been reading the messages sent from all of you. I have even tried to send a message on three occasions, but have been unable to follow the steps correctly. Thank goodness for the kind offer that Lawrence will pass on our greetings. You all have my admiration for your dedication and all of your hard work. Helping people in this way must be very meaningful to all of you. Please know that we think of you often. Just last evening, at the "Crazy Quilting Bag Ladies" meeting, we commented on the wonderful stories and photos which we have been able to enjoy. Hugs all around, June

    Sharon and Dave Deur said,

    Hello Daryl and Hope, Greetings from Brighton! It's our prayer that all is going well there and that you are blessed! It's no doubt that you are a blessing to all you meet and work with. May God just continue to enrich your lives there and those of your team members! May He give special strength and drive as you finish your projects. Run "through the tape"! It's so refreshing, I'm sure, to see how big God's Kingdom is and can be! We pray that the weather is very tolerable and that the food is delicious! May God grant you safe travels back again! Love in Him! Sharon & Dave Deur

    hey guys wow havn't really been looking at this to much lately I've been pretty busy! but wow the pics are awsome! I'm at dads right now and they have a pic up of alexas and the kids on the desktop,everytime its a new one lol. So I got sebastian wieghed 2 days two months he wieghs in at 15lbs 6 oz. like oh wow! lol. ps. meg thanks to blake jack gives wet willies to EVERYONE LOL. and its so funny! anyway you guys take care.. ps. alexas... I got a ymca membership and by christmas LOL.. I'll be lookin pretty fit ;) jelouse .. jk. talk to you guys soon miss you so much :) ..not really lol...also kidding .. bye guys haha

  48. Hi Chels great too hear you are having such a awsome expeience.oooh big spiders not good.Iwould run really fast lol.And sorry i did email the school and they still say that you are top 25 on the list,and that you have an excellent chance of still getting into rez.They said they would email as soon as your name comes up there is nothing yet but lets pray.If not then we look for apartments.Or osap papers came in we have to sign them and send them back.Other then that all is good yes we will get your car into terrys.You guys sound like you have been working verythe hard.Great work evryone!Karli has been up at auntie Julies for two weeks so its been very quiet without my girls boo hoo.But were good lol and yes Chels the house is looking good your Father has been doing it all by himself.With a little help from me.We are getting nanas van so we will be picking you up on the sixth and we can bring alexis meg and jack home as well if they want.lots of room we are going upto aunt Julies the night before ok.Well thats it talk to you soon have a great four days left.Love you girly and miss you.Hi to Meg Jack and Alexis.bye bye Love Mom and Dad oxoxoxoxo

  49. Hey haley <3 im in Quebec right now :P at my Aunt Goggie's house and she has a computer now :) i just got back from a crazy night at the camp lol iv got some crazy storys for ya from this trip :P hahaha
    have an amazng last 4 days :) take it all in :)
    all my family here says hi and cant wait to meet you<3
    i love you<3<3<3
    have a safe trip home <3 cant wait to hear about your adventurs<3
    lots a Love<3<3<3
    Zack xoxoxo <3<3<3

  50. lol ya Gloria is my aunt Goggie :P
    i forgot to change that again :P
    loves ya <3<3<3
    Zack <3<3<3

  51. Hey Haley and all. I love Mark's advice about not trying to cram too much in. I wish I'd heard that several trips ago. lol. He's right. You're young. Hopefully you've all loved the experience and have grabbed the zest for discovery of this amazingly diverse world God created. It's the just beginning.
    Enjoy your last few days. We haven't had a day without rain. It's our Sunday off and I'm indoors. Yup. That's how miserable it is. lol. OOOOH I see sunshine! Must get outside!
    Take care!