Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16th update & Pics

Hi Followers of the Ghana Team blog Daryl wanted be to note that there power is out from 8am to 6pm every day but weekends. They are repairing the lines in the village, so this means that they are limited to evening to do anything requiring power. No big deal, just slows things down.

You will notice that I have posted 4 new sections here in order they where written.
Have fun, support the team with your comments and prayers



  1. Steve!! That picture of you warms my heart! Praying for you dear friend. Love Amy Frances Marigold.

  2. Great photos!!! What a massive undertaking! Would it be really difficult to put captions under them so we know what we're looking at? Who are those adorable children?
    Wouldn't it be great to have a church like that here? A little chilly in the winter though :P
    Love the flags!
    Keep up the good work folks!

  3. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You all look like you fit in there so well, and are having an amazing time. Sounds like youve been working hard too! Very proud. I pray for you guys each day, and love hearing news. Keep pressing on, for God will strengthen your hands!

    Steve-- that is such a great pic of you! It made me smile. You should write more though. People are asking about you every day, and I tell them I have no idea, haha, so keep in touch! But know that you are well in many thoughts and prayers. Peterborough will be lucky to get you back!

    Stay well and Love there fully. And a note to everyone- don't forget to leave me a treasure hunt! Take care friends! :) God bless you and keep you all so much.

    Love Jenn

  4. Great to hear from you and see the pics! I have been checking the computer alot throughtout the day, just being my obsessive compulsive self! :)
    Looks like you guys are doing a great job! Alex is still sleeping, he had a headache after Harry Potter, probably too much for him. Marcus stayed over at Aidens after the movie, so I'll get him to post later. I wish i had more to tell you, I almost got blown off the dock doing the fishing derby tuesday, the dock was a rockin! Its calmed down now and they are catching some nice fish!

  5. Hi Steve
    Really love seeing the pictures.I knew you would be a hit with the children.As with Jenn,I get questions from everyone about you,and I agree you need to write more.Laurie says hi.
    I have been riding my bike to work,maybe soon my legs won't hurt so much and I can ride to Lakefield with you ,when you get back.Dad and I did alot of biking on our vacation.Some really great trails.
    Nanny is also following you on this site.She is still trying to figure out the comment part.
    Do you have your drum yet?
    Think about you alot
    Love mom

  6. Hey to the Ghana Girls - Haley, Sara and Rachel. Sounds to me you are all doing well. Just a shout out from Grace here and letting you know we are praying for you - "at every remembrance"

  7. Glad to hear you're all hanging in there, and that you're finally soaking up some Ghanaian sun.

    I'm glad that Ghana is feeling so much like 'home' to many of you - that just goes to show how very loving and welcoming your Ghanaian friends are. :) As much as it 'feels' like home at times though, a month there only lets you scratch the surface, and there is always more to learn! Remember to be safe and look out for each other. Remember the things you learned in training. Remember that Daryl, Hope, Kim & your Ghanaian co-workers all have your well-being in mind when they tell you things that you think - just maybe - are crazy or unneccessary.

    Some moments will be harder than others, especially as you settle into routines and the novelty wears off. Breathe deep (if the air isn't too thick!) and offer the best of who you are in that moment, to the people around you.

    We're praying for you all, and think of you often.

    Love Sarah (& Nathan too - even though he's at work right now and has no idea what I've said!)

    P.S. Love, hug, squish, and adore lots of Moms & babies for me k?

    P.S. Isaac & Mikaela - make sure your Mom is getting enough hugs! xoxo

  8. Hey Don and Tania,
    I hope you are hanging in there. All is well here, just the normal day to day issues. Tania, I hope this trip gives you a real deep insight as to what our Ghanian friends in Winnipeg had to endure and why they are such a happy and caring/sharing group of people. I can only imagine what we will have to endure when you get home regarding our "me first society/lives" and our capitalistic ways. Not that it is not deserved. I may not have articulated it well before you left; however, I want you to know that I am proud of what you two are doing and hope you will draw on this experience to strengthen you in your day to day living and to make you better corporate citizens. Giving of yourselves, especially while having to leave your children behind is a tough thing to do and it is most commendable. Stay focused on the task at hand and rest assured that everyone here is trying to make the best of it for your boys. Don, by the time you get home, Cameron will be ready to give you some fishing lessons. Although as I understand it, you may be sick of fish by then. lol
    Keep up the good work. You both are in all of our thoughts annd prayers.

  9. It's Joanna here!
    Dear Rachel,
    I miss you dearly, i am verly lonely in cobourg right as now because all the girls have gone.
    I cannot wait till you come home, im am going to give you a giant hug that will crush half you bones.
    My jet lagg..surprisinly i barely have any, its just to the point where i feel a bit tired when its around 9 but other than that i good!
    i cant wait to tell you my exciting adventures from korea and i cant wait to hear your adventures from africa...geezz we could write a comic about it.. the adventures of joanna and rachel!! Part1.
    anyways, love you lots!!

  10. Dear Haley and Sara,
    i miss you guys too!
    the babies are soo cute in the pictures!
    hope to see you soon!
    love joanna!

  11. you all doing such a great work

  12. Hello Melissa! I will definately send along birthday greetings (I'm at work) but they may see them from home and send you a note as well. I was very glad to hear from you and to see the pictures--I can see why you think its very beautiful and the pictures of the children--especially the babies--just take your heart away. Glad to hear your group is working so well and accomplishing so much and I almost thought that was a picture of you doing laundry?? The picture of the compound showing the second level is very impressive! Have you taken a swim in the ocean or has Dad's shark stories scared you off? Is the food still wonderful or does hard boiled eggs sound safe and yummy? Hopefully, you didn't "take out" anyone in the soccer/football game (if they allowed you to play) and I'm hoping that this note still finds you in good health. Any pictures of you that we've seen you have looked great and thank you to Daryl and helpers for sending them.
    Thinking of you, keep up the good work and ENJOY!
    Love, Mom.

  13. PS-I finally figured out what <3 means and I meant to send those out to you. So <3 <3 and keep :). (I'm almost a pro texter but I don't have enough spelling mistakes. You and Mark will have to teach me.) Love again, Mom.

  14. Chels hello my sweets so glad to hear from you again was wondering what was going on.It sounds like you are having an amazing time and working very hard,good on ya.glad to hear the rains have stopped we are finally getting some nice weather as well.The children are adorable and the women are beautiful great pics.I knew there church would be like that fun yea.The big ocean waves are a hoot just dont lose your bathing suit hee hee.not much happening here other than work and Daddy has started to side the house so he has lots of work ahead of him.Karli is well and misses you.Well thats it for now bigs hugs and kisses to you we miss you tons and cant wait to hear the stories and see the pics.big hugs to Meg Alexis and Jack.Oh and Jack we do love you.I have called your Dad to let him know we will be glad to help him ok no worries.Your brother is suppose to go over but if he dosent he is going to call us.Keep up the good work everyone God bless and you are in our thoughts and prayers.Love love

  15. Jack buddy. How you holding in there? Dad will be getting on here by the end of the weekend. Was talking to him this morning. Who would have thought... Jack in Africa. Hmm... hahaha
    Good to hear everything is going well. Pictures are wild!
    Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. We will have to sit down and hear some of these stories you will be bringing back over a drink.
    Been following the blog since the beginning and I know dad has as well. You know how computer literate he is... Sorry you haven't heard from me bud. I have been following the updates. Who would have thought that you would want to hear from your brother of all people???? haha....
    Daryl make sure you get a picture of Jack lugging some bricks and working his ass off... I want to see that boy work.
    Aunt Marilynn, Uncle Jim, and Aunt Murial all say hello and all the best.

    Keep it up man... Glad to hear everything is going well!


  16. Well, Haley your weird brothers are now swimming in the pool in the rain, just before dark, so they aren't in here to type to you again!
    They did check out the pictures on the way by though! The balloon toss was exciting today, the previous all time winners of 51 feet were competing today and their balloon broke right at 51 feet, so they only cleared 49 feet and the old record still stands! Better luck next year! We were busy this week cooking lots of spicy fries and cotton candy milkshakes :) Tommorrow is saturday and we will miss your awesome cleaning abilities! Keep up the good work, be strong, and keep smilin :) love ya lots MOM

    Since everyone in the world can read this I just wanted to say..... YOUR A BIG LOSER AND I MISS YOU! I miss you cleaning and being ditsy and making me laugh. Were you sick???? ewwwy well stay healthy and drink lots love your Cousin Steph, James and THE PUDGY MAN JACKSON

  18. Hi guys,
    Hope your day went well today. What I would give to see Tania lugging Be careful you don't get those pipes of yours too bulked up with muscle. I just came in from a run. Everyone is still asleep here. Adam was planning to come by to do some fishing. Have you had an oportunity to see any ocean (surf) fishing there? I imagine you are too busy to get in a lot of side activities. Are you able to get a good night's sleep? And how are you adapting to the food? If you are sweating a lot, Tania, I can only imagine what I would be like as I normally start sweating at the the thought of exercise. What is your brick count up to? Don, have they been able to put your millwright skills to use? I hope you are learning lots, including how to improvise. Skills that you can always use around the house. (haha)
    I gues tomorrow is your day off, so go enjoy and RELAX (if they let you).

  19. Hi Sara,

    Sounds like you guys are working hard and having fun. What a great combination. Nice work on the soccer. The picture shows that you were trying hard, I do miss watching you play soccer this summer. Oh well, pictures will have to do for now.
    Finished painting the hallway yesterday, now just have to finish the fussy bits and put it back together. Next on the list is your room ! ! Went shopping with Sabrina last night - guess where??
    We're babysitting the grandpuppy today too. C&T went to a Jack and Jill last night and today is Christian's birthday party.
    Kevin is all moved in to his new apartment (but still needs to move a bunch of his junk). I'm sure he'll be excited to show it to you when you come home.
    Today we are going to Steph Smyth's wedding. Erin is in the wedding. I'll take pictures for you (if I remember my camera). Tomorrow Dad leaves for the golf tournament so I'll be home all alone - for a WHOLE week. Aaahhh, peace and quiet ! ! Although it's been pretty quiet around here with you gone.
    What else have you been up to there? Did you go to the ocean too. Are Hope, Daryl and Kim ready to ship you back yet or are they getting used to you and your antics ?? I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you get home. Love you lots, Mom

  20. Hey Meghan, Its Taralee, Travis Gillespies gf. (incase you don't remember me) Blake told me about your blogs, I had to come on and see. Im sooo excited for you. The experience your getting is amazing. I know your loving it!! You MUST show me all your pictures when you get back. Cherish evey moment! Can't wait to see you. Take care, send my love to the villagers!! xoxo

  21. hey Meg sounds like your having a blast. I bet the beach was pretty sweet. i tried to write earlier this month but she wouldnt work. maybe it was my computer or just the operator lol. take care of yourself champ look forward to hearing from ya. when you get back we got to go out celebrate our one year. p.s you owe tara a hug when you get back for figuring this Sh!t out. love ya lots talk to you later

  22. hey :) love the pics keep em comeing i check the computer probley 3 times a day to see new stuff :) keep the smiles up :-D
    miss you like crazy haley <3
    love ya lots <3

  23. lol ok i dont know why is says Elizabeth??? but it is zack
    oh its adams aunt :P im over at his place right now went and saw harry potter and the Hangover last night at the drive in and im getting sick of being the 3rd 4th 5th wheel lol adam and max have been picken up lol and they always want me to come with them..... i need you back <3 so i can do that to them ;) <3
    but id rather just me and you <3
    miss you babe <3
    love zack

  24. Hey gang,
    Rachel, you must have missed my last post, as you didn't thank me for it! oh, well, no harm done. Seriously. It's great to hear these updates. I bet home is hard to imagine. You know you're far from home when going home is as much a culture shock as leaving was. But what a good thing to feel! I'm glad you fell relatively at home in Ghana. if you take your home with you, then you'll always be comfortable and you'll be able to go many places.

    I Think of you often. Although you are very far away, you still feel very close, just a phone call (or a blog post) away.
    Love you! can't wait for some sister time at the end of August.

  25. hello haley its beppe r u still enjoying the work i just wanted u to know we love u lots keep up the good work stay healthy and return safe god bless and i hope u get this now u will have a lot to tell us after u catch up on your sleep

  26. Hi Sara and the rest of the team - hey - practiced any piano out there?!?! LOL!! Great pics and I enjoy reading the updates to the BLOG. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Hi to all who know me - go Canada go!!!

  27. Hi Haley bop and Sara, I told Ariel where you guys were today and she said "mom, haley and sara are like the best teenagers I Know!!" Just thought it was funny because she thinks teenagers are so bad......
    Glad you guys are working hard and seeing some cute kids! Sara I laughed really hard when I saw that pic of you with a funny face.... haha
    I am so happy you 2 are doing this!
    Love you
    mel ariel and obo

  28. Hey Haley Bob! I can NOT believe the amount of work you guys are accomplishing. You do Canada proud! GO TEAM!
    By the time you get back cleaning cottages will be too easy for you. hehe
    People ask about you all the time so I've posted a link to the blog from the Alpine facebook page.
    I hope you let the team know that "loser" is a term of endearment in our weird family.
    Marcus is looking forward to your return so I'll stop picking on him. Little does he know that I am capable of annoying BOTH of you. hehe.
    Love, Aunt Jodi

  29. Hi Sara,
    Can't believe you've been gone for two weeks already. Have been checking the blog faithfully. Girls at work are really interested in what you are doing; everyone thinks this is a great experience for you. Grandpa and Grandma were at my place for a few days this week working on my kitchen. I now have new cabinet doors, counter top and dishwasher. Next week Grandpa and Uncle Lawrence will put in the new flooring and Grandpa will work on the backsplash. Looks really good, you'll have to come by for a visit again - we have to try do a girls weekend before Chelsea gets too busy playing hockey this winter.

    One more week and then we are off to Killbear for our two weeks of camping. By the time we get back, you'll be back home the summer seems to fly by. Hopefully the temperature will warm up in the next week so there is no ice on Georgian Bay!

    Grandpa and Grandma say hi and keep up the great work.
    Love the action shot of you playing soccer.
    Love Auntie Cathy

  30. hey its Owen, thought i'd jump online and see if there is any more posts up.. ive sent messages like 4 times now.. seems like you dont get them by the look of Jacks message! i didnt forget about you buddy.. miss you man, bought a 40 of wisers and drank enough for me and you :P.. and i love the pics you guys have posted.. looks like you guys are having a great time! hey to megan and alexis, how are you two doing?
    Chelsey, again, dont know if you are receiving these messages but just want to say im missing yah, hope all is well in ghana for you.. read your blogs good to hear you have some nice weather now, get some more of that salt into yah :P haha.. oh yah Jack.. hows the 3 pounds of salt holding up kid? and i will give your dad a call and tell him how to post on here! take care guys!

  31. hey twins it's Isaac just thought i say whats whats up i so wish could be there it seems cool from the pictures i hope you guys are having fun?i was thinking you guys should take me there so i could see what it was like.for a couple minutes today i thought i was going to cry thinking about you but then i relized that i didn't miss you that much i am kidding i did cry for a little bit i herad you guys got to meet berrack obma that would have been sweet. i was just wondering if you tot the children to do the soildja boy yet i really miss you both i wish i could huge you both anyway gotta go cuz were going to pick up chels i love you both write me back PEACE!

  32. Looks like a beautiful country and you all are doing a marvelous job there from what I see in the photos. Jennine, I just want you to know that the pirate came out from under your bed this weekend and is sitting on the back deck. All is well here and I am especially enjoying looking at your blog, especially the pics. Tale good care of each other. Love you and pray for you all each night dear, MOM.

  33. Hi Darcie..sounds like you are working pretty hard! Good for all of you! let a bunch of eight year olds beat you at football?????
    We still aren't getting much summer here. The travel agency finally called that your ticket is ready. I will go pick it up. Not much new...Did you get the blog from Carissa about your baby brother? He has arrived and doing okay. I think he goes home this week. Steve says "Hey" again. Bear is missing you! I turned your cell phone on the other day to see when you needed the account topped up. I was in a different room than Bear. Once the music started playing on your phone, Bear came running (and I mean running ) into the room. Stopped at my feet and looked at me. ("your not Darcie!") Oh ya...he is missing you! And I am missing you as well.
    Take care, enjoy the time you have there and we will see you home soon.
    Love ya! Mom xoxoxo

  34. Steve!!! I found out about your blog from Dave on facebook!
    Hope you are doing well! I love the picture of you with the children.
    It brings a smile to my face and I also want you to know that I am praying for you and the others you are with.
    God be with you and each of you :)
    Take care and know God is with you each step of the way.

  35. hey babe<3 i got my lisence today!!!! (i got 98% !!! i forgot to signal once:P ) in bancroft lol it was a funy 2 and a half hour drive there and then back again witch my mom made me do.. im so excited to have it:-D cant wait to come drive over when you get home <3 i can stay out till 1 every night in the summer!! im so excited :) and my mom has been talking to me alot about what i want to drive and i keep saying i wanna drive the dodge cuz its amazing and i love it:) you will to, lots a power;) but ill have to wait a bit for it though :(

    anyways just thought id let you in on my excitment :) i miss you<3 cant wait to hear from ya <3 im thinking of ya everyday and night <3 love you so much haley <3

  36. someone(s) please hug Kim and tell her that i both miss and love her.

  37. Hello Darcie: Just wanted to check in on you and see how things are going? Its great to see pics of everyone, It really helps us to get a feel of what is going on over there, you are all doing such great work, as your mom has said, we sure aren't getting much summer weather, but oh well, we have to take what we can get. Everyone says hi, and can hardly wait to be able to catch up with you on what you have done this year. Take care, work hard ( ha ha) , we love you .Talk to you soon. Oh by the way how is that cold of yours, all better now? bye for now. Love Aunt Kathy and gang.

  38. Heh Haley
    I went waterskiing for the first time this year today! whoo hoo! it was fun! Alex, traivon and Marcus are staying in the shamrock trailer tonight so we are going to go down there and have a s'more, I shall have one for you, it will be difficult but I will do it! lol

  39. Goodmorning Rachel... it's Mom here. I am trying to imagine what you are doing today. --lifting more bricks? (wouldn't the bubblewrap thing be easier?) --or are you spending time on the coast, or working with the children? I think of you every minute but won't embarrass you world wide by asking if you are eating enough, getting lots of water, getting enough sleep etc.. Yesterday little Grace Stanford (actually she is a niece to Sarah and Nathan) asked how you were. She explained that she was asking for her dolls who wanted to know. Her dolls as you know are quite the characters. They don't do as they are told, they won't stop crying and they like to visit their Grandma naked. It is all too cute.
    Last weekend we visited Grandma and Grandpa Bas camping at Balsam lake and had the not to be missed experience of fishing with Grandpa. Each fish, large or small is the most precious ever caught.---"Good eating" And as you can imagine it was.

    Many people ask about you and send you their love and greetings. Grandpa and Grandma Bos , uncle Irving and Aunt Marg and uncle Marvin all who were visiting at Balsam Lake. Grandpa and Grandma Vander Vennen follow your blog . People at church send their love and blessings and even Leslie Boileau who incidently had to replant her beans five times due to the squirrels , sends her love. We are all well here, missing you though. I am about to head into my studio which is filled with sunlight. I remember those lovely pre school days and then later the homeschooling days when you and I, on the "Mommy and Me days" would discuss who gets to work in the sun. I thank God that He made the sun large enough to now shine here in my little work space as well as on you all doing His work half way around the world. Work in the sun my little girl. lots of love from me and Daddy, Robyn and Luke too

  40. dear tania! how could i not follow your adventure, i find it very exciting and im proud of you and don for doing it. though you are probably missing home a lot by now. things here are still the same old nobody new hired or fired. anyways i would like to see you and don in some of these pictures to prove that your actually doing something hahaha and that way i can share them with everyone at work, so get yourself in some so we can all see you hard at work. p.s. met a guy that lived in africa, he told me to tell you to drink lots of gin hahaha it keeps the misquitos away. xoxo-Nicole.

  41. Hey Kim,

    Jaymie had a good clinic day with Dr. Hughs... She made his day aka doing everything right!!!
    You are missed, loved, prayed for everyday.

  42. Hey Jennine,

    By those pics it looks like you guys are in some high up places, hope ur getting your climb on and your adventurous spirit kept hungry. It sounds like you guys got some tough work out there, but I'll bet you're still rollin out of bed to get a run in before the sun comes up and starts the day. lol

    Keep at it babe, that work's touching the lives of many now, and many to come. Proud of ya. Just remember to befriend a lion k?

    Miss ya tons LL,


  43. Dear Mommy and Daddy,

    I got my full license today :) Also... it is time for you to come home... my Ghana flip flops broke today. *sadness*



  44. Heh Haley
    Hope you're still feeling well, taking your vitamins and your oregano oil etc.. We fired up the new bbq today, whoo hoo, exciting! I cooked chicken and it didn't get burnt! The only problem was we forgot to oil the new cast iron grills so it kinda stuck,we'll get to that later! Your dad bought a cover for it, so it won't get rained on etc... He didn't even want to be the first to cook on it because it would get all dirty and it is so pretty! I waterskied again today, now I feel it! the Landenbergers are here and were asking about you, they look forward to seeing you in August! as do we all, love ya lots mom

  45. Hi Chelsey just sitting here haveing a coffee waiting for your mother to wake up and thought id get on and say i miss you and i love you Karli went up to your Aunt julies for a week so it is kinda quiet around here and it s kinda nice around here so if your home sick and want to come home TO BAD YOUR STAYING lol just kidding darlin i know in my heart you are enjoying this adventure of yours to be in another part of the world helping others and were very proud of you for that.. we can t even walk down the street without someone asking have you heard from Chelsey at all i hope Megan and Alexs and Jack are doing great also hope Jack has nt ran out of salt yet.. well best go we love you hun look after yourself and your friends can t hardly wait till we hear from you all again LOVE YOU Dad xoxoxo

  46. Hello Melissa! Have not seen anything new on the "blog" but thought I would send a quick note anyway. Your dad and I actually slept in the house in a real bed last night and we also had a shower in our own shower this morning so things are progressing, be it slowly. Sorry, we couldn't wait for you to have that first shower but I thought of you the whole time :). The sleep in the real bed was also enjoyed by Lucky who was also very excited by the progress. The weather here has been nice but cool (it was 8 celcius yesterday morning!) so hopefully you'll bring some heat back with you but leave the rain. I can't believe that it's over half way through for your time away. Keep up the good work and enjoy! Hope to hear from you soon. Love, Mom.

  47. Hey Haley:) i got some really Exciting news today from my mom:) ok so we got an offer on our house and we are taking it :) and they want to move in on August 21st.. so we have to hurry and pick a house :P there are three right now, and the one is in planvill :) and the best par is that it has a huge hours track :-D and me and my dad had a hardcore talk about this and if we move there we are putting in a flat track!!! :) dirt car racing !!!!!!! in my cak yard :)its amazing :) and we ar gonna put a supercross style dirt bike track in the middle !!!! AMAZING!!! im so happy to move :) and its not far away from you ether so thats even better <3 just 4 min futher :) i cant wait to hear from ya <3 love ya baby<3
    Zack <3

    oh and i randomly remembered this today :) you and sara will get a laugh outta this :P Breally!?!? haha lol you guys are carzy :P see ya when ya get back sara :)
    loves ya haley <3 Zack<3

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  49. Hey Haley!!! This is Tara Zack's Mom says,I posted and then reolized it was marked as Zack says so deleted it and reposted just incase ya wonder...OOPS! I haven't had much time to get on this computer to write ya anything (hummm Zack's fault)ha-ha.. So you are all doing well? I think you're going to have bigger pipes than Zack by the time you get back home!! :) I have been reading some of the post and noticed how terrible Zack's spelling is maybe its just his typing skills...LOL We all went to a wedding a couple of weekends ago and Zack hooked me up with Sara's sister to do my hair (was havin a really bad hair day) and Erin saved the day thank goodness!! :) Our house is still crazy with dogs everywhere but, hopefully soon we will be moving and things will be more easily controlled with a propper dog kennel/barn. Keep your fingers crossed for us we will know if the deal is sealed by the 24th of July on our home. Tomorrow we see all 3 of the places we are choosing from and then putting in our offer on the home we like best. I hope Zack is excited even if he may not get the palace he wants.(A room larger than mine as if keep dreaming)LOL
    I wanted you to know how Zack is driving me nutty!!(bored and missing you) So I think I want you back home just as much as he does so he will leave me Just a little example - the other day he was stressing so bad over his inability of being creative for the famous BOOK OF LOVE !! I thought he was never going ta go to bed.. Just happy he is trying his best, but I must say between you and I that the art/creative stuff should be left up ta you:P shhhhh
    Anyways I should get going take care and know we are thinking of you!! Tara, Cory, Bronx, Scooter, Marley, Skylla, Whiskey and Remi xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  50. Hi Sara,

    Hope everything is going great there. Home all by myself - boy is it quiet. Started on your new room, well started emptying it anyway. This is going to be a major undertaking. Can't believe you're already halfway through this trip. Looking forward to more pictures and more news. Think of you everyday. Really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Hope to hear from you all soon. Love ya, Mom

  51. Happy Birthday Don! I hope all is well there. Things here are going well. Not much new here - Michelle get possesion of her place next weekend. So we are excited for that. I spoke to Ma and Pa and they are really enjoying thier time with the little ones. I look forward to hearing all of your stories when you get back. Be good and be safe.

  52. Don and Tania, Meagan brought Kieran on Tuesday which gave us an extra day to enjoy him. "newsflash - he has two top teeth through the gum" and working on more I think. The changes in him in three weeks are amazing. He now say, Mommy, Daddy, and ta ta very clearly, and attempts at please and continues to jabber nonstop. He opened the back sceen door yesterday, wants to climb and stand on everything and getting very nervy on stairs - thinks he can come down forward. You will need to get a strong gate immediately, Don, for the deck. His cockiness is likely promoted by the fact that one of us is always there to run interferance. His favourite toys today are: a yellow happy face ball, the garden watering wand and the laundry basket. He is happy, hasn't lost any weight and sleeping well. He loves playing peek a boo expecially after bath time and was throwing kisses this morning at breakfast. He is a character with personality plus who has given us much laughter and love.

    Tyrel telphoned, he is getting married Aug. 22nd. Sent an invitation here for you.

    Ran into Mrs. Halle when we had Kieren. She was impressed and wished you a Happy Birthday.

    Joyce read me the latest messages - amazing number of blocks moved. Tania, be careful you don't hurt your wrists. How is the laundry going? Impressed Don that you were included in the meeting with the Chieftan - want to hear all about it.

    Keep up the good work, be safe and keep yourselves healthy. God Bless, Lots of Love from Mom and Dad

  53. Dearest Rachel,

    I've been reading your blogs but just found out how to reply now so here it is :)
    I miss you tons and can't wait to exchange stories! I prefer that you stop enjoying yourself so much cause I sorta want you back home :) However I know how you feel, Iawah has become home to me too and I can't even imagine having to leave here. GUESS WHAT !? I went knee boarding for the first time this summer a few days ago and on my first run I was able to do a 360 .. sucessfully !! It was a proud moment. The pictures i've seen are beyond cute and I can't wait to see more of them. Give a shout out to sara and haley for me!

    Love you "dear heart" ;)

    From Emily