Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 11th updates

Heya, it’s Rachel.
Well, everything that was all new and exciting a week ago (already!) is now called home. Though there are some things that we are all getting used to, it never ceases to excite us. Laundry everyday by hand in buckets (on the roof), many casseroles involving fresh fish, copious amounts of hand sanitizer, the 6:30 a.m. wake-up call, the excitement on the childrens’ faces when we walk in to the village (“Obruni! Obruni!” --- “White person! White person!”), the baby goats and chickens on the side of the road, and living with 17 other individuals is now home. I’ve been trying to imagine what it would be like to back home to Canada right now and I find it difficult to even make my mind go to that place (sorry mom). So far it has mostly been overcast---today was the first day of almost constant sunshine. We’ve been praying for sun, but I bet in 2 weeks we’ll be praying for “partly cloudy”! Today we played soccer with some kids up near a school. We were sweating buckets and red in the face, but the fact of what we were doing made the heat and exhaustion insignificant. Though they royally showed us up in the first half, they eased up for the second half. Bless their hearts. Later, a bunch of us went down to the ocean (only about a 15 minute walk---we have a great view from the compound) and went body surfing on the waves. Needless to say, the amount of salt we consumed should hold us over for the next 30 days.
I am great, I am healthy, and I am loving it here. The FanIce (soft ice cream in a bag) is really helping that as well :). Mom---it is Outdoor Art weekend. Good luck! I’ll be thinking about it. (And I am not disappointed I missed the bubble wrap “party”!) Joanna---hope the jet lag isn’t too brutal. Shannon---when do you fly to Europe! Hope everyone else is doing well. To Shannon, Joanna, and dad/mom---thank-you for commenting! It’s one of the highlights of the day to hear what everyone has to say from across the ocean. That being said---please comment (and that means everyone!)! It will warm my heart…from across the ocean:). I know it’s only been a week, but a lot happens in a week, and a lot happens in Ghana. Love! Rachel. (P.S. Clayton---you will be happy to know I am representing my Buff on a daily basis!)

Hey everyone its Haley!
To everyone who posted, thanks your awesome :D I love hearing from home and getting updates on what is going on with people :) I had an interesting morning but after I slept I felt better. We went to the cultural market which was awesome/insane!! Got called a lot of weird stuff and I was told many times that I wouldn’t be charged for looking :P I found some sweet stuff to bring home, like my kushkas (dunno if that’s right :P) Mom, that’s really funny, sucks for Marcus! Tell him I laughed and shook my head at him. I have already eaten all of my beef jerkey lol cuz its just too good :P Next time you write a blog post, make everyone in the family write on it!! And say who you are beforehand, cuz I like hearing from different people too, don’t make mom do all the work! :P hahahah I wanna hear all of you! Just so you know aunt Jodi, I am keeping a journal even though I HATE writing in it and I have to force myself too, I am writing in it :P just for you so I don’t have to tell the same story twenty times because it will get less and less detailed lol and btw, we are still north of the equator so the whole flush backward thing doesn’t apply :P sillyyyyy!! And we can’t really see the moon cuz its so cloudy cuz of all the rain lol oh and Shannon, love how you single out Rachel at the beginning of your post! It made Sara and I feel so loved :P lol jk and aunt gerri, I got your post twice by the way lol I miss you guys so much :( I can’t wait to tell you all about what this is like. Dad, I am really happy that you found someone to do the FEA on your charger!! :D I don’t know why but when I heard from you I got a little misty :P I miss you guys and I love you all <3 oh zack, the things you do to yourself!! Please stay healthy!! Oh and everyone thinks your spelling is funny and your sappiness hilarious and they laugh a lot at me for that :P but I don’t mind. I miss you <3 I love you <3

Oh hey fam! Sara here.
Erin, really appreciate your little post about the bratness, really boosted my morale… :) hehehe it made me laugh a lot. Tell the people at work that their just gonna have to suck it up for four weeks cause you love me and I love you! Craig and Tanya, I know your not joking about me getting you something, don’t think I’m that dumb! Hahahha YAY KITTEN!!! YAY NAME!!!! Tell Sadie I say hi and tell new kitten that she’s gonna be my new best friend. Miss you both and I love ya! Dad, youuuu crybaby. Haha I hope the renovations are going well, have you seen the colour of my new room yet?? I hope you approve!! hahah NOT!! :P love you so much and if your crying right now, mom you can slap him. HARD. Mom, glad to hear from you. Swiss Chalet is… typical.

I have had some market adventures that were really fun, we got a drum concert and met a lot of new people and I can’t wait to go back cuz it was a lot of fun! I kinda have to admit that their banana loaf is way better than yours! But very filling so you cant eat as much, so yours is one up on that one. :)
Dalton, glad to see your posting, hope to hear more from you and I have definitely been singing my heart out!!! Though I do miss getting reassuring texts from you when I really need it. I am glad to know that you are back home thinking and praying for me. thank you.
Back to my fam, good to hear from you all, glad everything is good at home, and hope to hear from you soon. Love you all! and Kayla, if you read this, I need a good story from you so I can have a good laugh :)

Hey Everyone!! Its Chelsey :)
Ghana is still great as always. We got to go to the beach today and it was amazing. The waves were huge and if you got the perfect one it would carry you to shore. Well it would me lol. And it pulls you right under. Sounds scary but its so much fun, so don’t worry Mom. There are like ten of us out there at once. The water is beautiful too. Dad you would even get in.

We also had our first soccer game today. The kids here are REALLY good. Our team lost 5-2. I got two goals!! Its on video too which is sweet. And the other team lost 4-2. It was a lot of fun, and today was our first really hot day. So running around in that was crazy. Very hot! We have an American team coming to spend a few days with us tomorrow so that is another exciting thing happening.

How is everything back home? Hope all is well. Karli can you give Taryn the blog so that she can write me. I forgot to give it to her. Tell her that she has to become a follower first to write on it. The link is on my facebook page below my picture. Mom and Dad glad to here my car is okay lol and it has stayed parked. Ill know the truth when I get home haha. And mom how is the bill payments going, hopefully there is still enough money there for it. And just so you know we only get to read the blogs like twice a week so I may not get your blog by the time I write a second one. Heya to Owen. Hope everything is still awesome back in Colborne. Missing it for sure. But Africa is pretty amazing too. Finally getting some nicer days for a change. We were joking that we were going to come back and say it is hot there cause its been chilly here. Wish you could all be here to see it with me! But I think this is enough for now. Miss you and Love you all so much!!! Take care and talk to you soon.
Love love love <3 xoxoxoox Chelsey :P

Hey home…#2..or slowly becoming Its Alexas!!
I feel like we have already been here for a really long time..and we still have a ways to go. I’m still loven it here, we played soccer with kids from the local school today and seven of us girls played against the primary kids and got killed 5-2…and the only reason the score stayed that way is because one of the Africans came into our nets because our goalie pulled a muscle..or else the score would have been way worse!
It was finally sunny today and hot like you picture Africa to be..we went to the beach and swam in the ocean... Tomorrow an American YFC team is coming to stay with us until Wednesday so it is going to get pretty crowed around here. Thanks so much for the messages and can you keep them coming please cause it’s a little hard being here and not having any communication with home..especially when your half way across the world. Mom, miss us not sure if there is any way we can get you a hand made hat lol..haven’t seen anyone doing about some tribal art? Anyways family I love you to the moon and back or at least from Ghana! Obama came here today and all the little kids were running out looking at helicopters yelling Obama, Obama and it was so cute…(they love him here)! So funny..anyways once again love yuh long time! [ AV hope your working a lot! Lol and that stuffs working out for you! Miss yuh!]and ps. Eliza love you! Your so cute. Talk to you soon!


  1. Dad here Haley, TWO WEEKS GONE!!! Hope all of you (the Team) are doing OK. I know all about Montizooma`s Revenge from when mom and i went to Cuba a while back!!!
    It`s unusually cool and wet here and cold at night.I can`t seem to get the pool water over 75, even when using the cover.We all really miss you!! It`s just TTTOOOOO quite and i haven`t had to turn your bedroom light OFF for over two weeks now.
    The Canada geese have taken a liking to our shoreline. There must now be two or three hundred that i chased away at 6 this morning. There is goose pooh everywhere along the shorefront from one end of the resort to the other!!
    I have to go, need to build a BIGGER PATIO for the new barb. LOVE YOU/MISS YOU, Dad

  2. i dont understand why im so bad at spelling, maybe cuz i dont read or anything :P but that has now changed :) yes haley i started reading a book lol im only 3 pages in but im just getting started:) its to take my mind off of stuff thats going on here.....not good.. ill tell ya when you get back <3 hahaah funny story :P a couple days ago me adam and manny went to mic ds at 1am i was on crutchs so i hopped on the pegs of adams bike and we went to mic ds the inside was closed so we walked through the drive through and ate our food in the drive through :P it was priceless haha :P cant wait to hear from ya babe <3 keep worken hard use your pipes :P i love you<3 and miss you like carzy:( <3 and think of you everyday<3 i count down the days as they go by<3 cant wait too see you<3

    the book is really helping me get through this month<3
    iv been worken hard on it :)you will be proud of my art skills:P