Monday, July 6, 2009

First posts from the work site. Part 2 of 2

Hey everyone!!! Its Haley :D
Sooooo, its our 2nd day here and we had our first work thingy this morning which was fun, and it RAINED LIKE MAD!!! And I got soaked. oh and aunt Jodi, that bandana thing you gave me, the blue dye ran cuz it got wet and I had blue dye all over my next and around my shirt and they were makin fun of me :P but its all good. There MIGHT be a picture of it on the blog, not sure. It is SO HOT here. Yesterday we went down to the village to look around and stuff and we got some Fanice which is like ice cream in a bag and its AMAZING!! I wanna take home a case but I don’t think I can, oh and its 30 cents!!! Later on today we are supposed to go down to Comfort’s shop to get fitted for dresses and stuff :D OH!! For all of you who thought I couldn’t handle construction, IN YOUR FACE!! I did it :D but its gonna be hot tomorrow and im gonna be sore so I dunno about tomorrow lol I miss all of you A LOT!! And I miss you Zack <3 You don’t know how many times I have read your letter <3 It is a lot of fun here though, I really like it so far. OH! And some guys wanted to buy us!! :P but don’t worry Zack, Daryl said no :D The food is AWESOME!!! I have only not liked one thing, tom brown, which is strangely textured and all that. THE PLANE RIDES SUCKED A LOT!! It was long and kinda boring and uncomfortable and the layover was ridiculous because some of us couldn’t sleep and were really giddy and overtired :P oh and Mikaela and I spend 19 dollars on ONE slice of pizza and a drink, RIDICULOUSLY expensive. But everything in Ghana is really inexpensive :P It smells and looks kinda like Cuba so I got to keep reminding myself that its Africa, not Cuba. Anyway, its getting kinda long so I got to go. I have laundry to do :P LOVE YOU ALL <3 MISS YOU MOM, DAD, marcus and alex….. not so much. :P JOKESS!!!! Hahahah MISS ZACK <3 MISS AUNTS AND UNCLES AND MY COUSINS <3 EVERYONE <3 BYEEE <3

Hey It’s Megan
So we have been here for two nights, and I don’t have jet leg which is awesome. It’s not as hot as I imagined it being, although it hasn’t been that long – and it’s been over-cast the last two days - so no sun which has been a bonus. Definitely helps when it comes to adapting to so many different things at once. The food is not bad at all, but we have only had five meals… are accommodations are 5* compared to what I was imagining. So – so far so great. We took a trip into the village and a man wanted to buy us, although Daryl said that “we were all his, not for sale” – my running shoes also broke this morning after are first day of work (which we moved 450 cement blocks up the stairs – ahhh - and we still have 650 more to move up the stairs before we start ‘building’) …. Today I have to go to the village and try to get them mended. We live in a compound & there are permanent residence who live here as well, Samuel – Comfort – Israel – Joshua – Theodocia ( a beautiful little girl who I am already in love with Teo-Doh-Sha) … We also found out that a team of Americans will be joining us for 3 days on Sunday of this week, there are 22 of them & it is going to get crowded, but cool with me. Anyways I got to get my shoes mended, I love it, I’m not sick – Yet & neither is Alexas, miss you - love you I will write you in a couple of days … (Later Mom) & every one else. . gotta go get my shoes mended ( happy one year blake) ps. this is so fun & on the way here we made a second pit stop in Nigeria, Lagos on the way for an hour - later (ey,yi,yi… it was long)

Hey Colborne crew, Dad, and everyone else…It’s Jack.
Finally made it, it was a ridiculous flight, not looking forward to the trip home. Africa is basically nothing like I expected, but at the same time I was expecting to have my mind blown, and that has definitely happened. The people here make me very happy, they are always laughing and smiling and work very hard, so I feel at home in a way. I feel like I’ve grown comfortable here already (even though it’s only been 2 days) and I’ve met some really cool people. It’s very nice to get away, and though I miss everybody, I’m not really home sick and don’t think I’m going to be for some time. It’s very nice to be somewhere else in the world. But yah…Africa!!! Hah I’m so happy I made it, and Dad I’ve taken your advice and will continue to do so, and it’s a lot like we said it would be. Jeff, Shaun, hope your takin care of him in my absence hah. Chap, Joseph, Mully, Big T#27, Drewboy, Clarky, Jess, Reed, Justin, Waki, Saunders (both) Broooker, Cossx2…and yah even you Shelb, miss yah all and wish you were here (cept you Chap, That’d be bad…heh heh) Dar, Miss ya you’d love it here, you too Gordon. Havin a great time though everybody, take care and thinkin about yah. You better make a cheers out to my name. See yah in a while.
(PS if I forgot anyone, heh my bad, remind me I’ll hit yah back)

Hello! It’s Rachel.
After many, many hours on several plane rides, and many, many hours in a Roman airport we finally arrived in Ghana. While some team members took advantage of these extra hours and took several long naps, I was one of the ones who could not sleep even if I tried, having only an hour’s sleep for the night. I think I’m overcoming the fatigue now---slowly but surely! Yesterday (Sunday) and today it has mainly been overcast which makes for a little bit of cooler weather. A little bit. It is always very humid and sweaty, but so far it has been very bearable. Our bedrooms are pretty nice---each with a ‘bathroom’ and a ‘shower’ (but not quite what you’d have at home!). The food has been good so far---a lot of food that we are used to. (Rumour has it it’s just the plan to ease us in to the Ghanaian food.) Today was our first work day---I’m convinced that after lifting 40 lb bricks for 30 days we will all come home tanks. I won’t go in to too much detail about the sweating :). Yesterday we went to the village right down the road from us. That was incredible---the difference in culture is phenomenal…and soooo interesting. Daryl, Alexis, Theodocia (Comfort’s little sister and lives with Comfort, Samuel and their family here on the compound. “And she’s incredibly cute”---Daryl just added) and I were walking down the backstreets of the the village on our way to the ocean (which is gorgeous!!!) when I heard a voice call out---“I like your bling-bling! I like your bling-bling!” I turned around to meet ‘Bobo’ , who eagerly came to meet me and commented again “Ahh, I like it when you smile. I like your bling-bling”. Bling-bling meaning of course, my braces. Hello to mom, dad, Luke, Robyn, Emily, Shannon, Adrianna, Joanna, Maura and Jessie (Happy birthday!!!); Grandma and Grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins---hello! Miss you all, but I have to say I do not want to come home! It is just way too interesting and intriguing here to pass up. Even though we have only been here 2 days, it feels like we have been here a week. And that is a good thing! Love you all, thank-you for your support in everything, and God bless! Rachel.

Hey it’s Tania,
What’s up? Well I can officially say “I felt the rains down in Africa”. Well I hope everyone is well. Cameron I miss you and think of you and Kieran every day all day. I hope you are well and that family camp was fun. Megan and Adam I hope Kieran is handling his teething well. I am a little over whelmed by how much there is to see here. The view from our compound is amazing, if you go on the roof you can see all the way to the ocean! The kids here are so cute they all want to say “hi” and get their picture taken! The people have been so inviting and friendly. I’m definitely appreciating and missing the comforts of home like a washer and dryer!!! I will figure out how to wash my clothes by hand real soon, I hope! We are working hard and I’m bruised and sore but it will all be worth it! I love you all and miss you tons! On a different note, Frank and Jenna I hope your wedding was amazing and I hope you have a great honey moon! Doodle I am hugging you in my heart! Lots of Love! Mom XOXOX TTYL Tania

Hello everyone in Canada, it’s your fellow half Ghanaian friend Darcie back for another round. Wow it has been so great so far....very very long plane ride! I got to spend my very first day with Andrews and Lydia!!!! so great and amazing, I was so happy to see him again and give them a great big hug! I felt like crying of in joy when I saw them, what a great moment. and I got to see their wedding clothing on them ...the most beautiful people ever. So exciting to be back to my home land, just so at peace and relaxed. I have learned today that I am so bad at handwashing clothing it smells good but man, it still has dirt on it ...but it will all get dirty tomorrow. Had the first day of work today great start at moving blocks, Tania and I were the dirtiest lol we took pictures so all of you can see. missing all of give bear a hug for me, Carissa grrr you gave me your cold lol you owe me lol...Ahmed love you and miss you so much, friends hope you are all doing well and staying sane with out me lol I know it’s hard. miss you and love you till the next time we get to chat fair well! oh and the food it not to bad and I have eaten everything even fish! Can you believe that..hard but I did!

Hi from Hope! Well, Ghana is as amazing as ever. Yes, Penny, the best part is Daniel’s hug in the airport, and Emma’s hand guiding me through a crowd, and holding Kimmy, and walking Joshua up from Comfort’s shop at the end of the school day, and George’s smile, and …………….for all you who haven’t been here….the best part is these beautiful people. For those of you who have been here…the road to the yfc compound is impassable. There were really bad rains a couple of weeks ago. Emma was almost swept away in his car. Everyone is asking “where is Nadia” and “why did Penny not come with you” and “how are Nathan and Sarah doing”. David we moved 456 blocks today, despite the rain. It looks like my laundry is in for about it’s third rinse today. Donna, I found Victoria, our fabric lady in the village today. I got a big hug from her. She has her own shop now. The worksite has not progressed at all since our St Paul’s mission. I’m thinking we all need to come up with a great fundraiser to get this place done. I think I need to go rescue my laundry before supper. God Bless!!


  1. Josh will be so envious when he reads this. So pleased you are all there safe and sound and in the good company of your Ghanain family. :)

    I'll be reading all the posts every day and marvelling at the good work and adventures shared by everyone.

    Lots of love,

  2. Hi all, glad to hear you moved so many blocks! Keep on making us proud. Try not to be tooooooo fussy about the Americans joining you - remember some of their countryfolk from our church of St. Andrew's Episcopal, Spring Hill Florida contributed to the mission. I know you will all behave as good Canadian ambassadors.
    Much Love to Comfort, Samuel, Joshua, Theodocia (one of our most beautiful pics is of her-ask her about school and watch her light up - at least she did last year :) and I take it a new family member - now Ellen is jealous...
    Hugs to all, work safe and smart!
    Ellen & David

  3. HEY LEX AND MEG ... I so proud of you! both !...bop till you drop ...there is no greater gift then the gift of giving ...
    Remember the feeling of what its like to be alone ,
    some people never get to feel the joy of a strong family like we do ...moneys money ...but you can't buy love ,in our hearts every minute ...we love you both dad pam ...

  4. Dear Little Brother,
    Smile! I love you :)

    Dear Steve...
    Please stop killing things!

    Dear Chelsey,
    You make me smile :)

    Dear Kim,

    Dear Haley,
    I am jealous of your fanice. Also, pretend its "good pain" and it will all be great :)I also have an amusing "in your face" story related to yours...

    I was playing a gig last night, and we had to move a 350lb electric piano (daddy, it was a hammond B3... preeeeetttty) onto a 4 foot high stage. There were three boys, and they needed a fourth person to help, so I just stepped in and helped... they were all very impressed when we got it onto the stage without breaking a sweat.... when the end of the gig came, we had to take it back down again... so I started to help. The band leader then promptly came over yelling "what the hell are you doing, you're going to kill yourself lifting that thing! Leave men's work to men!!!!" ... I was fuming, but let him take over because he WAS paying me after all... it is amusing to note, however, that he had a much harder time of it that I did :P

    Dear Ti-Jack-m,
    I hope you are making good on your new station....I still have the powers of demotion if necessary :P

    Dear Little Sister,
    Why for no post?!? Your big sister loooove you! <3

    Dear Mommy and Daddy,
    Please give Emma many extra hugs for me. I miss him :(
    Also, I made it home from St. Catharines! Yaaaayyyy. mind you... those 5 hour energy dealies... hrm... well, they do their job... but they also induce anxiety, weepy behaviour, and shaking for those hours... I am not convinced this is a good thing :P
    I love you :)

    To everyone else...
    Keep up the good work :) Many good thoughts coming your way! Don't forget to smile lots and lots and lots. (also remember that it suppresses the gag reflex if necessary :P)

  5. Hey Brat (aka Sara)
    Glad to hear you made it safely. I miss you and I love you! Be safe and I hope to hear from you soon! Love your Big Sis!
    Ps. Tell Haley I miss her cheeks!

  6. Hey Haley
    Sooo happy that you guys are doing well so far, I would have loved to have seen blue dye running down your face and neck! lol I never doubted for a minute that you could do it!
    Rachel, I can't picture you looking like a tank, but you could get buff! Should be very interesting!
    love ya MOM

  7. Hey Haley Bob Joanna! You know I gave you that on purpose KNOWING that the dye would run just so you would look silly and people would laugh at you??? Well, maybe not. I can imagine you lifting blocks and I'm sure there was a complete play by play description of every muscle used, how it hurt your hands, how it affected you and exactly how many beads of sweat purled down your back...etc.
    Hmmm someone wanted to BUY you? Perhaps Daryl might be willing to sell in a couple of weeks for the right price? I hope not! We do want you back eventually. hehe

    I'm trying to picture Rachel buff or even close to a tank. It's not working. lol

    Keep up the good work guys!

  8. Don&Tania

    K-Scott is doin well with Ma and Pa - they wanted me to let you know that he is having fun and being a good little boy. He and Jack had fun together at Great Grandpa's on Sunday - Jack has even learned to say his name and got a big kiss for it in return ;)

    Be well and be safe - love you guys

  9. Darcie,
    I am so glad you were able to see Andrews and Lydia so quickly upon arrival. I know they mean the world to you :)
    I always say to my kids, the dirtier you are the more fun you must have get dirty and work hard :)
    Miss you lots,

  10. Hi Chels oh honey i am sooo happy that you are loving it makes us feel so much better,i new you would because you are such a strong loving,giving and independant women and we love you for that.Dont love it to much though we want you to come home lol.It sounds like you are working very hard well just maybe you will get that six pack you have been wanting hee hee.Karli is doing well missing your morning arguments but alls good.Daddy says hello he just left for work he loves you and misses you.It is so weird not to hear your voice but we are ok well i hope all goes well keep up the great work my little half pint lol.Hi to Meg Alexis and Jack (you are so funny )and to the rest of the team god bless and be safe.Okay i will shut up now.Love you lots Dee big hugs and kisses oxoxoxo love Mom,Dad and Karli.

  11. Hey All;

    It's amazing to hear the stories and to keep hearing the same names through all the posts of the people you've met there (or seen again as it were) but to get the same impressions from so many different people on the team. It makes me wonder if God is more prevalent in places like these, or maybe it's just that there isn't so much other stuff crowding your thoughts, so it's easy to concentrate on God alone.

    I'm envious of the hard work and satisfaction I can hear in each and every post. Memories like these will likely stay with you forever, so take a moment to pause once and a while and appreciate the experience you're having that so many want, but can't have.

    Mikaela - I was looking forward to reading a post from you - I hope you're well!

    Isaac - you make me laugh. Not much more I can say there.

    Daryl - I hope that the offers to buy the girls are few and far between...not sure if I can take that literally or not. Haven't finished the books yet, but I hope to finish them soon. I'm actually reading about 5 books over the next month or so...but yours are at the top of my list.

    Hope - we miss you. (well we miss everyone, but I miss you especially) It's funny the people you miss when you show up at church. Sometimes it's just completely unexpected.

    Okay - gotta go. Elizabeth is at her grammy's this week and I have a very dirty house to clean while she's gone.

    Take care everyone!

    Love Jenn

  12. hey darc .. will i have to say that when it comes to this blog i'm always following a hinch lol OMG i;m clueless how this thing work so anyway i'm replying to what you said.. i feel so happy for to get to see paul, lydia and andrews again its amazing for me to talk about people i never met but i get to know them through you.. i can't express how happy i'm that you have eaten FISH! .. next step will be tomato lol .keep the good work you and tania and .. greetings to all your team

  13. Oh lovelies.
    breathe that air deep, smell the smells (be they sometimes ever-so nasty)hear the sounds, touch the dirt (your red stained feet will be something you actually miss when you get home) touch the stones, taste the funny looking things...(oooh, maybe you should ask for some smiling soup?) look at everything. don't be afraid to look foolish... experience.
    learn the songs...
    ask people to teach you new things.
    and write it all down.
    all of it.
    not just the parts about the cute boys or hot girls or the silly argument with so and so...

    the parts you've never seen before. the goat tied to the top of the tro-tro, the fish tied to the bumper... the man with the backpack on his head, the child with the giant grin drinking from a glass coke bottle....

    love to you all, praying for you.

  14. Hi to everyone on the team! It sounds soooooo wonderful! Sorry to hear about the rain. It's our camping trip and raining here too! Hope that your laundry dries out soon. Will pray for beautiful ocean breezes! Thanks for your comments Hope, way to make me cry and miss it all sooo much. Tell everyone there that I still plan on coming back and that I'm missing them very much. Great to hear from all of you, keep up the good work!

    Penny & family

  15. Hey Haley, I have noooooooooo idea how this blogging thing works. This is my first time so if it actually works and you actually get to read this, I will be amazed! I said I'd write but girl, you don't make it an easy task!! lol I emailed your mom and dad to ask them, but I was still no further ahead. Sounds like you're having quite the adventure. Take lots of pictures! We'll have to have a "sleepover at Aunt Gerri's" when you get back home....we are loooooooong overdue!!! Take care kiddo! Love you LOTS! HUGS! Aunt Gerri

  16. hi haley this beppe with her 1 finger but it works lol i know u r having an adventure and what an opportunity know that we love u we ll c u when u get home

  17. RACHEL!!
    Wow. I agree with you. You will become the ultimate tank. In fact, I am going to start a strict work out schedule in hopes of being able to keep up with you when you get home!!
    I am really wondering though.... do you think you'll experience sweat dripping from your face more than once in Africa?? haha!!
    And I really wanted to let you know that I am so proud of you. So very very proud! I am so proud that you are showing Ghana what the Canadian gansta looks like with bling-bling!!
    Rachel, I always do the deed every night. It has not been forgotten. Not once! (Except for the time we hung out that one day where we both forgot...) So I am always thinking of you!
    I LOVE YOU! and I hope things will continue to go well. God bless! (Say hi to Haley and Sara for me, please!) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joanna wanted me to send this to you as well:
    rachel you are a tank
    p.s. Today, was my first day working for a real estate company. just as I sat in my car my pants ripped hugely from my crotch all the way to the top of my pants and three inches wide. I was wearing a thong and we were on our way to show him an open house. FML

  18. Hey guys its 9:35 in the evening and I am thinking about you all, wish I was with you all. I was trying too think of a nick name for Daryl too use on you but the only one I can think of is not for you guys its for someone else. Jack when you asked if you may have forgotten someone well, you forgot too say hi too me. You all may want too know that Jack used too go by the name Tim and decided he didn't like that so he changed his name too Jack I like too call him Tack because he doesn't like that but it works so please use it on him he owes me for not saying HI Trae. Love you all.

  19. Yay to you all - you made it safe and sound and by the sounds of things, you're off and running. Soon those tired achy muscles will be 'lean, mean & toned machines' so definitely hang in there. I have a special request to no one in particular and everyone if you so desire...please pass on my handful of powerful hugs to my beautiful sissy, who is already muchly missed. Remind her that her family is terribly proud of her and is looking forward to many stories and pictures upon her return. So far so good Kim - but know you are missed...
    Love Dawn, Steve and your little man Gabriel. xoxox =D

  20. Hey Lex, Meg, Jack, And Chelsea.

    Glad to see you guys made it there safe and sound!! Hope all is well!!!

    Megan : I keep forgetting to print off those things that you asked me to send into the school but dont worry by the end of the week I will do it..hope that is ok!! Not like you can yell at me from the other side of the world anyways!!! lol. Love you a bunch

    Lex: Where is my shout out. Just Mr AV got one!!?? Just kidding. Love you. Miss you lots!!

    Cant wait til you guys get home. But also What an amazing experience you guys get to have while you are out there. Live it up!!! xoxox Be safe.

    Love you tons. xoxox Keep the posts coming I like to know what my "sisters" are out there doing!!! This is almost as good as calling you!!!

    Love love love love!!!


  21. heey lexi i am srry i forgot to send you a message i didn't see you name on the bottom of you message.i miss you both and poophran said he doesn't miss you that much(lol)and i hope you guys are safe i also was wondernig that when you said the view is amazing and when you said that the view was also amazing from the shawer even though you only get to see it for 2min does that mean that when you gus all have shawers you only get to shawer for 2min if so i fell band and also if so then i will be sure that ever one save water you and megs so that you can have an extra long shawer well not that extra hehaha but llonger than love you and miss you i willl see you in a month and a bit. like you and sometimes meg always says and i quaote"love you long time"

  22. Hey there.

    It sounds like you're feeling the pressure of having a new group come in to work & live alongside you this coming weekend, just as you're getting yourselves settled.
    Remember to breathe deep.... remember you are not alone on this journey - family and friends from around the world are walking beside you in prayer.... remember that all things work together for good, and that you will not be given more than you can handle. Remember what kind and generous and friendly and diplomatic Canadians you are (Hope - you're Canadian in spirit even if not in passport!). Do your best to see Jesus in your co-missionaries, and trust that they are looking to see Jesus in you! You don't have to compare - you just have to do what YOU have been called to do, to the best of YOUR ability!

    Love, Hugs, & cool Canadian breezes,


  23. Hello Melissa and everyone! this is my third attempt to send a message so don't believe for a second that you're not missed! Renovations are still on going and hopefully will be done by the time you get back. There hasn't been any cement blocks involved, we have been scorpian free and the weather has been quite cool so maybe we should count our blessings. Glad to hear that your group is doing well and hopefully the bandaids referred to has nothing to do with you (but I doubt it). Hope the food is fine and that your stash of granola bars is holding out. Keep strong and love you! Dad, Mom, Mark and many furry friends.

  24. This is Donna, trying again. Third time's a charm I hope! I'm so pleased you arrived safely and have got into the work now. Sounds liek its going well. Can't imagine the road though - it sounds like its even worse!
    My best wished to all the people I remember so well. Wish I could see you.


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  27. Steve!! I miss you so much Steven Lewis Foundation. I have such wonderful adventures planned in my mind for your return. One of which is you doing a graffiti art project with my lakefield kids. Another of which is getting the coolest, best looking, most popular of our friends and go to the drive in. I have a large amount of wodnerful youtube gold for you to watch upon your arrival home.

    Nkwagala Nyo some peeps for me. LOVE YOU BROSIF!

    Love Amy Frances.

  28. Hey Darcie....Nice photo! A little wet there? We still haven't got summer here yet! Friday is suppose to get hot, Sat. rain and then back to 22! Hmmm....
    So, you like the fish do ya? Glad to hear the food isn't too bad. Told Carissa about your cold...she smiled...go figure! She loves her Coop at the hospital. Not much new here..hope all is going well there. I sent Mom and Dad & Kathy the blog so that they could send you something. Well, my dear, take care, enjoy your time there. Time is going fast...isn't it? See you soon. Hey...from Steve again...Love you...xoxo Mom