Monday, July 6, 2009

First posts from the work site. Part 1 of 2

Opening comments from Daryl.

It has been a great start. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. What a treat to walk through the village and see old friends who are overjoyed to see you again. What a blessings to introduce them to new friends – the young people of this team.
456 blocks moved today (David - I remembered to count!!)
The team is great – I am really proud of them. Although it was fun – it was work today….and will be tomorrow, and the next……..
Read the comments, enjoy the pics when we can get them to you (the internet is a bit spotty still – so do not worry if the pics do not get up fast – they will come.)
Please remember in your comments that whole world can read this – and we read them all out loud at dinner times.
Love to all at home.

Day 1 from the journal of the highly esteemed and tired out Isaac

Airport turned out ok, we got through customs ok and security checks we didn’t get searched once, surprising especially how some of us looked lol, (for those not up to date with computer lingo lol = “laugh out loud”). I personally still have no idea how to respond or feel abou the whole trip, on one hand it’s great to be back, on the other hand it’s still feel akwardish, I wanna have fun and I know I am not alone in most things like earings and suchly but I am still having trouble. Us guys are kinda squished in this room, we are makingshifting a shelf and it is beaufitul if I do say so my self, and room is easier to find, still getting stuff sortede out and our tp pyramid is our pride and joy, having fun at least. Food so far has been great and is way to easy on the team, our cook is named “Gifty” and has a wonderfull cooking team, so far we have had spagetti, porridge, and loads of other stuff we have all liked and been able to deal with. We talked to Daniel this morning for orientation and just to introduce the team to Africa from and African point of view. Aafrica has definetly changed, hopefully this experience will be better. Today will just be setup and a small bit of exploring, the heat has been bearable but no work yet to really test it, they have had three days of rain here so all the roads are washed out and have pitss large ennough to swallow smart cars…. Hehehe. Team is okay and so far things are starting out great.

Day 2 in the journal of the tired worn out and squeaky clean Isaac.
Work hurts… it rained today so it wasn’t hot, but work hurts, especially stuff you’re not used to , all the muscles I can name and some that I can’t all hurt! Moving approximately 40lb blocks, 456 times isn’t smart, unless you are looking to strain something, especially since the previous day we did the whole North American thing…. Aka nothing… yesterday was restfull, today was not!
Finished a book, started another, did some laundry. Life here is okay so far, we all love each other and no one has problems, how long will that last…. Actually by the looks of it it seems to be holding, though Jack claims Steve and I will hate him in weeks, and has already had a dream that I was throwing stuff at him cause he didn’t get me up in time…. Must be the meds..
Can’t wait till Sunday… NOT, 22 ameriocans are comign to stay at the compund for three days, with eighteen of us and 5 africans, with only 38 beds, you do the math, (for those mathematically challenged it makes 45 people and not enough beds). It’ll be fun I promise……
Prov. 2:10-11, 3:13,24, 4:18-19,23, 8:17, 9:11-12, 10:2, 11:25, 12:11,18, 13:16, that’s all I got talk at you all later….


Hello World. I’m alive and in Ghana. The plane ride’s were long but good for conversation and relationship building on the team. The airport in Ghana is a little hectic and crazy but we avoided any situations. The city seems busy loud and and people get very close. The first night was hot but wonderfull, we have the boy room it’s sweet we have all the candy, toilet paper ,and good looks. We had our first work day today the 6th. We moved around 500 cinder blocks and close to a ton of cement. The local Ganaian workers are very nice and wonderful . I think I am closest to Samuel he is the father of Thedocia, Kimmy, Joshaua and Israel and husban to Comfort. Comfort is a local seamstress and has a shop down the road. But now the fun stuff….so far I have killed a scorpion, many large spiders, crickets grasshoppers a very large centipeed and a couple lizards for now lol. The temp ature is nice hot/humid but not like Ontario humid. It had rained a bit today but now its nice. The view is breathtaking of the ocean and village. For now I am all well, heart mind and body, and I know it has to do with the people who are praying for me. I ask for my friends at the Third Space to keep praying for God to move in these youth, they are all such beautiful people and I want them to recognise that - but because of God. My family and close friends I love you so much and I thank you for all your support, continue to be the wonderful loving community that you are. I cant wait to be inspired to paint for you when I get home. I’ll talk to you soon and would love to hear from you all.
Love Always Stephen

Hey Ya’ll its Chelsey!!
Hope everyone is doing great because I am loving it here!! It is so amazing and I am so greatful that I came. The environment is definatly hot but it is very beautiful. We can see the ocean from the roof of our one building and there is ALWAYS music playing from the village and its loud. Walking through the village yesterday was just amazing. It is a completely different culture and I am so happy that I came here to help. You should all see the children here, they are so adorable. One is 4 months, 2 yrs and 4yr. I miss everyone back home. Mom, Dad, and Of course Karli. I miss you a lot but I am ok. Oh and mom, I did my own laundry…without a machine hehe. Give Chip and pet for me too. And of course Owen. I hope you had an amazing birthday and had a good time. Happy Birthday again and I wish I could have been there. I love you all so much and miss you. Shout outs to everyone in Colborne as well!! And the rest of my family who supported me! Take care everyone and hope to here from you soon!!
Love love love!! Chelsey xoxo <3

Cameron Kieran and family,
Hello from Africa, Hope everyone is doing well at home. I miss you all. Africa is hot but not as hot as I| expected so far anyways, the humidity is crazy though. Yesterday we went into town it was definently an interesting experience , lots of people and lots of kids, (who are so cute) there is always music coming from the village which is really cool. Today we started on the costruction we moved 456 bricks that weighed 40 lbs each up to the third floor the team worked very well together and we had a lot of fun while we did it. We are going head into the village soon to get some clothes made, by a lady named Confort who lives here on the YFC compound but also has a shop in the village. Cameron and Kieran I love you and miss you, hope you are having a good time. Will write again soon.
Bye for now, Love you lots

Hey Community friends who sent me here, to my FAMILY & Colborne!
First things first we made it! – safe and alive, it was a long flight we have been here for two nights and it is Monday and we left on Friday so figure that one out (it was night twice on the way here). Africa is beautiful and the people are so amazing, nothing is how I expected it to be – and the heat isnt half as bad but we have been lucky with cooler weather than regular. We started working today and it’s an interesting experience we stand on stair s in a line and haul what feel like 40lbs blocks up to the roof of the compound we are staying in (today we dragged up 456) so that was fun:) and we do our laundry on the roof and it is the most beautiful view of the village/trees and everything, there is also the most amazing view from my shower too (even though its only for 2minutes Its still awesome). Its about 3:30pm here and `11:51am at home– everyone wants to go into the village right now and they are waiting for me (were going to buy dresses from a women who lives on the compound with us) so I LOVE YOU ALL! way too much – hopefully we can get your msgs soon but the interenet is sketchy – so hopefully talk to you soon – [Mr.AV – I miss you – a lot – hopefully your having fun and I hope your not sad and being good – hahaha – write back and talk to you soon – ps. I waited to read your msg until rome but I cant read it anymore cause it makes me miss you too much – this is rushed but I have to go-xo] bye guys love love love you. ALEXAS

Hi it’s me, Kim / Mom /Big Sister …
I feel remarkabley well :) Things are much easier when everything is not new. The team is terrific, very hard workers. I do wish you were all here. I am tired and sleeping is a bit of a challenge, but seeing my old friends makes it all worth it. Kimmy is BEAUTIFUL, and Isreal is such a happy baby. Darice and I are having a Great time together as roomates, and Sara is a fantastic medic … she has been so great at bandaging everyone’s little booboos and only needs gentle reminders not to do emergency tracheotomies. The food has been great! Well I am going to keep it breif for today, and no Jaymie and Matt I haven’t done your shopping yet. I miss you all very much…especially Jas… I hope you are doing well … whatever you do don’t worry about me … life is good in Kokrobite, and God is good!


  1. Hi!

    Thank you for sharing your first impressions of a beautiful place and a beautiful people with us. I look forward to each new post. YOur words evoke strong memories and reminders of how good God is.

    I have had you all in my thoughts and prayers regularly and will continue to keep you there. I am glad to hear that everyone is well and adjusting quickly.

    Keep smiling,
    (p.s Thanks for the card Kim! Believe it or not I had one for you but did not give it to you not because I forgot this time but because I did not know what to write!!! I miss you already!)

  2. Hiya Kim!
    So glad to hear you are safe and having a good if very busy time!
    It is strange to have the Orchards here and not my "little girl".
    Your Jaymie is re-adjusting her insulin very well after her camping week.....which had a very unusual "routine". Her concert on Saturday was very enjoyable and Bev.and Art came along too.
    We're having another rainy week, so I think we'll do some sewing and Matt can help "Grandpa B" in the garden and occupy "Red" while not playing computer games,
    Sure hope none of the "Dookies" ran. OOPS
    Love to all of you. You're in our prayers.
    Miss you.

  3. Hey Chels!
    Good to hear that your liking it over there, and that your having a good time working there. Well Colborne is still the same and will be when you come back.. BORING :P .. Well its only been 4 days and im already missing you, cant wait to see some pictures of you guys and hear a bunch of stories when u get back! Well hope to hear from you soon.. cant you borrow one of the villiagers cell phones and call me? :P haha .. well ill check in in a few days, see if theres pics or posts.. takes care guys! miss you chels! bye!

  4. Hi Stephen
    Happy to hear everything is going well.We are in the Outer Banks right now sitting at a Wendys free WIFI.No I am not eating a hamburger and chili and a baked potatoe.Dad and I are having a great holiday.Dave is doing well and the fish is still alive.I will be able to send more posts when we get home.Talk to you soon.Love you.Mom.
    (if the critters threaten you kill them)not the lizards though, they eat the bugs.

  5. Steve!!! I know this is an older post but I read it... Hope that you are doing well.
    Keep faith my friend, keep allowing Him to teach you.
    You are awesome. I am praying for you, I am also praying about your connections you desire to make with the youth there, because I have been a witness to people you have encouraged here (me included), and I'm quite sure they love speaking to you.
    (have fun, adventures, just don't eat any bugslol)
    God be with you and keep you well each day.
    Keep looking to Him when the days/nights seem tough...
    God bless. TTYL