Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog Posts from July 8th Part 1 of 2

Hi All,

Daryl here.....Everything is going well for the most part. Really enjoyed getting two of the girls into the city yesterday - what an eye opener for both.

I would love to be sending pictures - and may try from my Blackberry (that's how you are getting these so far) but if that does not work smoothly then we will have to wait until I can get to an internet cafe again. What I will probably do is get a bunch set up and then simply send them so that Jason can build a gallery for you. It's a little frustrating - but then again, this is Africa and to paraphrase one of my best friends here, "Nothing in Africa is really in-convenient, because nothing in Africa is convenient!"

Tonight we head out to church - that too will be an eye-opener.

We have had more rain here since we arrived than in my previous 4 missions combined. That is a challenge and the kids are beginning to see how difficult it is to live in some places in the world. It is never good to live in poverty - it is quite a different challenge to live in poverty in flooding rain. As we drove into the city today the team got their first real look at the countryside outside of where we live. Some were quite startled - the questions were endless and within each was a note of concern for the people of this country. I watched with admiration as a women swept the board the ran from the ditch at the side of the road to her small shop (sitting on blocks and surrounded by muddy water, flooding from the rains). As she swept - it looked like she was singing. How many of us would have that kind of happy sound leaving our lips in similar circumstances....

Gotta get this out.

Will write again soon - but probably not before Friday.


Hi Everybody, it is Kim again, hoping to give you a little longer update than my last pathetic attempt at blogging. In my defense I was using Daryl’s tiny laptop and so typing with two fingers… Jason will be happy to know I am typing on my very own beautifully set-up new laptop. However I am typing in the dark because I let my roommate go to bed and I am on the top bunk happily typing to you… but having only limited battery and no way to plug myself in 6 feet up. So as I said before the second time around is so much easier, not at all overwhelming and I am so much more able to appreciate the beauty of everything and everyone around me. Perhaps this is because food is so far staying where it is supposed to and I have a little more time to breath. I am really enjoying getting to know my new sister Darcie, we are sharing a lot including her cold. She has lost her voice and mine is going so we are now referred to as squeak and squawk. Hope says we are highly entertaining.
The thing I like most about coming back is seeing what has changed and what has stayed the same. The people are still the amazingly joyful, peaceful spirited, incredibly hardworking people I remember. But the landscape of the village especially around the compound has changed a great deal and of course Samuel and Comfort’s family has increase in size. I am very Bless to be here, I know that my family and friends are pulling my weight at home and I really appreciate the opportunity to come back to Ghana to work and play hard on your behalf.
To Everyone who commented on our blog so far... thank you it means so much to get news from home. Jen thank you for taking care of everybody, I am so lucky to have you as a freind/mom.
To Jaymie and Matt, I miss you so much… thank you for being such fantastic people, you make me proud to be your mom! Please continue/ start to get along (just kidding, sorta)… I will be home before you know it with thousands of new pictures to share.
Jas, well there is a lot to say but I am not sure I want to share that with everybody … but for sure we should have recorded you breathing/snoring … I wish you were here, All my Love k

Hey folks, Hope here……twice in three days! We moved 312 blocks, 160 headpans of sand and 40 gallons of water up to the second floor yesterday. ODK and Atta started laying blocks and the carpenter is making forms for the concrete beams we will pour tomorrow. No major injuries, sunburns or other stuff to worry about yet. Today we went to the cultural market for the first time. It was raining (again!) so we were about the only people there. I think it was actually a good experience for everyone, not so overwhelming as usual. The prices/bargaining was good. (We were everybodies first customer….Tania and I apparently were several people’s good luck because we were their first sale. Still getting lots of offers for the girls (even Kim). Haven’t sold any yet…..Nadia glad to hear you got home okay. Let me know if you get a sooner appointment, so we can pray. Mikaela is okay. She doesn’t want to blog. Today she is having a little harder time. Many people are starting to “run”. Hug Nathan and Sarah and Viktoria and Sunshine and Kola and Bosley and even Zack for me :) Love, Mom Hope

July 8 Blog Post – Ghana 2009

Hey everybody! It’s Jennine, once again I am the last person to write a blog entry, and It’s a day late…oops:P . So the team’s been here for two days now and already I’ve fallen in love with this country. (Don’t worry mom I’ll still come home at the end of the month. I don’t think Daryl or Hope will let me stay;)) Ghana is everything I thought it would be and so much more. PS. IMPORTANT note: The food is AMAZING! So much better than western food. We still haven’t tried the local’s famous ‘fufu’ yet but that’s to come. We’ve taken a few walks down to the village market and there are some pretty cool little shops and stands. We converted our US money to ‘Cedis’ so the shopping and bargaining will begin soon. Hopefully there’ll be lots of pictures for all of you to see up on the blog soon, but there’s a limited number of pictures that have been taken of the community so far because we have to ask special permission to take pictures of the Ghanaian people. On the other hand this is proving to be quite an easy task since everyone is so cheery, and quick to befriend you. I’ll hurry this message up a bit though so you can get on with your day back home. To my friends who might be reading this: mark Ghana, West Africa on your map and make it your next vacation location! The beaches are BEAUTIFUL ! To my masha (mom): I love you! I’m safe, healthy and never been happier, so don’t worry about me! I’m in no danger here. We’ve got lots of friends to protect us. I’ll be home soon enough, so get crackin’ on some cool belly-dancing outfits I wanna see a new collection when I get back! To Alexand: Miss you babe. I wish you could be here. This place is so unbelievably amazing, you would love it so much. But you can bet I’ll be coming back here again one day, so you’ll get your chance to be blown away by it like I’ve been. You just might change your mind about that Caribbean dream of yours ;) We still got lots of exploring to do before making any decisions though:P I’m wrapping this up now cause the team’s playing guitar up on the hill without me and I’m anxious to go join them. On another note; I better get a reply on this thing from you! I guess we will be able to communication over the next five weeks after all :P TTUL. <3


  1. Hey Haley, Aunt Gerri here. Promised I would write so you wouldn't feel "left out" when they read the blogs out loud. So, you must feel pretty special right about now, huh? Now that Beppe and I have figured out HOW to blog, there's no stopping us!!! ESPECIALLY your grandmother!!! Because, as you know, she has 24 HOURS A DAY with nothing much to do. But don't despair...she is still a one-finger typist. And, seriously, how much can a person actually TYPE with one finger?? She plays solitaire a LOT and is getting quite good at emailing but still has some difficulty figuring out the "lingo" of technology and distinguishing between text, email, web...and now we've thrown blogging into the mix. She went to the library the other day to take a computer course for seniors but came back and informed me I wasn't off the hook. I will still hear her voice wafting up from the basement "Gerri, are you there?" and if that doesn't work, she just "nudges" me on MSN!!! Go granny!!
    Well it sounds as if you are having quite an eye-opening adventure!! What a huge opportunity to be able to experience Africa!?! So you say you're getting quite buff? Build those muscles girl!! I hear they're making a Baywatch movie soon. You could be the lead! lol (and you won't even need balloons this time!) Take care girl, love you lots, BIG HUGS!! Aunt Gerri xox

  2. Hello Melissa! I am very glad and relieved to hear that you are making out OK with the food and that you are having an awesome time. I was very scared to hear that you've already been shopping and trust that you kept your "Paris" instincts under control and that we don't have to charter a plane to pick up your purchases. Hopefully, you got our postings--Dad sent one but he put it with the wrong date so hopefully it would still go through. Mark is missing you as well but that may be due to the fact that he is cleaning the basement up by himself. He has been getting into MSN and talking to his friends so life is good for him. We are heading to see the Peeters side this weekend at Uncle Fred's so I can report that all is well for you and that we are so proud that you are able to do this. I am glad to hear that you are making yourself at home with your waving at everyone and singing and, even though the natives are not looking at you strangely, there may not be any offers to purchase you. So sing away dear girl! (my apologies to the crew) Enjoy! Love, Mom and many furry friends.xoxoxo

  3. meg and lex did you get my msg from the other day i sent you both a post. especially megan its about your school stuff you need me to send in. lol..
    so read it. i posted it under 2 days agos stuff.. let me know!!! Love you miss you xoxoxox

  4. Darcie,
    Of course the boys are driving me crazy!! But at least I got my week of holidays so it has been a nice break. We went to African Lion Safari. It was cute when we went through the animal areas and the kids were asking if you saw these kind of animals because you are in Africa :)
    I miss you lots but know you are having an amazing experience. Take care!
    PS THe kids have re-discovered their 'knocky ball things' LOL (can't remember what they are really called LOL)

  5. Jennine!
    It's Sarah!
    I miss ya soo much and I'm so glad you're having such a good time. I'm unbelievably proud of you! I'm thinking about you all the time wondering what you're up to. Keep up with your blog more missy! I want to see more of it from now on!! Nothing much has been going on here...Just the usual.
    I hope you're enjoying your book and I hope you didn't finish it too fast, although I'm sure u have so much stuff on the go that you won't. I, on the other hand, have read the first twilight book in like four days and now I'm on the second. I'm a bit ashamed to say it but...IM HOOKED!! Ha ha!

    Everyone here is missing you and is very proud of you! I'm sure you're meeting amazing people, but you must still come home to me! Because you're my amazing person!

    So anywho! I can't wait to see you're next post!! Get on top of it!! :D :D

    -Sarah C.

  6. Lawrence here,

    I have been praying for you all and especially you Jack! I said I would! I am amazed as this great team, and how they work hard and spread the will of God. Peace and Joy be with you all.
    May Jesus lift you up and refresh you.

    I am passing along some thoughts and prayers from fellow friends at St. Paul's Brighton (here's hoping cut and paste works in flash, that's for you geeks out there).

    Just a note to say I have been following your adventures and praying for all of you (especially Hope, my prayer partner) while you are doing such fantastic work! Hopefully getting some "play" time too. Enjoy the remainder of your stay and make as many memories as you can. Keep us the great works in God's name and he will bless each and every one of you greatly! Janice Parker

    From June, the technologically challenged one.....

    I am thinking of all of you often, and have been reading the messages sent from all of you. I have even tried to send a message on three occasions, but have been unable to follow the steps correctly. Thank goodness for the kind offer that Lawrence will pass on our greetings.

    You all have my admiration for your dedication and all of your hard work. Helping people in this way must be very meaningful to all of you. Please know that we think of you often. Just last evening, at the "Crazy Quilting Bag Ladies" meeting, we commented on the wonderful stories and photos which we have been able to enjoy.

    Hugs all around, June

    Hello Daryl and Hope,
    Greetings from Brighton! It's our prayer that all is going well there and that you are blessed! It's no doubt that you are a blessing to all you meet and work with. May God just continue to enrich your lives there and those of your team members! May He give special strength and drive as you finish your projects. Run "through the tape"! It's so refreshing, I'm sure, to see how big God's Kingdom is and can be!
    We pray that the weather is very tolerable and that the food is delicious!
    May God grant you safe travels back again!

    Love in Him!
    Sharon & Dave Deur

    That's all for now, I will pass more on as they come in.