Saturday, July 4, 2009

They have arrived!!!

I received word that the team in now on the ground in Accra traveling slowly to the village and looking forward to sleep.
Everything is good and they love everyone back home.... I think that is what they said, the phone lines from Ghana are a little fuzzy. Parents you can now relax.


  1. Thanks Jason! That is a huge relief and an answer to prayer. Now the real fun begins. Work hard and make us all proud! We love you Haley and managed to get the cottages cleaned without you. lol

  2. zack says...

    happy to hear that you are on the ground now :) im at adams house tonight it was a crazy last two days.... i could not sleep at all, can't stop thinking of ya babe<3 so what is it like over there?? a little hot :P im going to get my g2 on the 20th so pumped for that and i might be home alone for the two weeks, when they go to Quebec im staying home cuz if i went, ill be gone for a week when you get back, and i wanna see you ASAP <3 hope all is well with everyone, love you haley <3 ill be thinking of ya <3 dont worry about me my ankle was weird today so the fun stuff was cut to a minimum :P

    holey cow!! i almost died i have been trying to post this comment for 30 min now and i dident have a profile thingy :P so i dident think i could wright to you :( but i do now :) im happy:)

  3. glad too hear you all made it there okay, I've already been asked about 15 times today if I missed you guys and I'm like NO you just left yesterday. HI everyone a special hello to Megan, Alexas, Chelsea and Jack aka (Tim) or Tack if you want to guess who that is lol, love you and have a great adventure.

  4. All afternoon everyone was asking about you, Rachel--we were at Ed and Marie's birthday/anniversary bash. You have well-wishers all the way from Chicago. For the American half in you (and Hope, Isaac, Mikaela), there were fireworks and sparklers, because over here it's still July 4. We saw Nathan and Sarah there too. It's nice to see the full moon and think that you can see it too--kind of like God that way. Greetings to everyone. You'll be happy to know all of your sleeping bags are waiting for you at Tracy's house. Love, Mark and Alice

  5. Wow we are relieved to hear you made it to Accra safe and sound Chelsey everyone is asking about you and now we can say that you are now there. Work hard drink lot s (water)and enjoy we love you and will be thinking of you and your friends often xoxoxxo

  6. Hey Darcie...Glad to hear that you had a safe arrival. Hope the weather is good, food is fantastic and Andrews and Lydia's reception is wonderful! Have a great time. Miss you already. Steve says Hey! and Bear says Marouwwww! lol
    Hopefully you get this blog. I am putting it in different areas as I am afraid you won't get it again this year! Wishing the whole team the very best.
    love you...Mom

  7. Heh Haley
    Very very happy you guys made it to Accra safe and sound! Alex said he can't believe he won't see you for a whole month! Michael Wilson was asking about you, he got even taller and has spacers in his ears just like Andy! Hope your feeling well and stay safe! love ya lots, mom & dad too, even Marcus and of course Alex!

  8. Hello to all in africa.. good to hear you have made it! A special shout out to chelsey, to a Mr.Jack Smye and to the "twins Bazel" :P .. hope your flight was good and cant wait to see some pictures of the hard work you will be doing! untill the next post, take care and have fun! from the colbornites!

  9. Hi y'all, hope the trip over wasn't too wearing.
    By now you will have had meals - enjoy the excellent local food, you will learn to love several new things! Remember, lots of water and sunscreen, and care for one another. Watch out for the "Chippy" moments... We'll be watching you as you post. Looks like you have way more followers than our "oldies" team had last year-this is a good thing as you will find out when you hear all the messages. I know you are already learning lots - take time to pray as you go.
    Lots of love to all, and especially our adoptees.
    From on the road in St. John's NFLD - another way cool place,

  10. Be aware - during our last mission trip, George W.Bush visited Accra and made life awkward, now President Obama is visiting Accra next weekend, maybe Monday - Daryl, did we learn a lesson last year?
    David & Ellen

  11. Hey Darcie,
    You have arrived safe and sound...that's great news! Now the fun and hard work begins!
    I thought you might like to know that I made it to the wedding in Markham with ME driving!! The whole way and back! Haha I know, you must be shocked :)
    I can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  12. Hey Darcie girl!!! Miss you lots at work! Glad to hear you have arrived safely. Best wishes to you and the rest of the team!!

    Take care,

  13. Hi all,
    you all doing such great work.. making such people in desperate need knows that there is someone out there is thinking of them. wish you all the best. special thanks to you darcie dragging me to see that there are such people like your group can make difference i wish you are having good time, enjoying, daryl is not busting you with hard work :)
    best wishes

  14. Hey Meg,Alexas,jack and Chelsea how are you doing, hope you are all okay. Just send you a note Kenny J was in an accident he is okay fill you in when you come home.Getting ready too go too Scugog Powow twins I am so excited about going. Papa is wondering how you two are doing. So am I cause we haven't heard since Friday I know its not long but it feels like a long time. Anyway have too go love you all see you soon.

  15. Hey twins it was good too hear something from the other side this time. Good too hear little bits of your experiences so far. We are all well just wondering how you guys have been doing. Jack you are so lucky you mentioned my name. (love ya) Was talking too your dad last week at work he was there making a delivery but he didn't mention about the blog site so I am not sure if he has figured it out yet but I will find out but he is akay and said he was proud of you going. Chelsey I don't hear my name in YOUR messages either, what up with that. lol I think of you guys every day and yes twins I miss you a little but not that much haha. I am getting used too you not being around so there isn't all that much difference with you being gone except that I don't come home from somewhere with a surprising amount of dirty dishes that weren't there when I left and the food lasts alot longer lol. The kids miss you too I know Isaac checks the site everyday too so they do wonder how you are. I am sure they probably miss yu guys even more than I do. I can't wait too see all the pictures you have taken and there better be some good ones of the scenery too. ttys love mom

  16. Hey Meg and Alexas its Grama and Papa, we are very proud of you and what you are doing. We see that you are having a good time.Wish we were there.Puppies are 4 weeks old now and running around causing alot of headaches. Jetayah took the puppies for a walk in the wagon today. Love you and can't wait too see you both when you get back.

  17. Hello to Melissa Inglis.It sounds like you are having a wonderful experience.We miss you.Love from Aunt Julie