Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Pics From Ghana Yahoo!!!!!

The very Wet Team

Rachel the rain catcher

Erosion just outside the door

Comfort & Israel


  1. Go Go Gadget Ghana Team....
    Here I thought you guys where a bunch of softies.... Keep working hard, it gets easier... remember why you are there... and there is always good chocolate & Snappy just around the corner. Kim, Jaymie is doing great no worries and Matt is being Matt. Dad is trying to be Dad Love ya miss ya TTYL

  2. Hi Rachel and everyone,
    Great to hear news from you all and how you are doing. It's great to read such extensive reflections. We loved the pictures! Sounds and looks like a lot of rain, and it sounds like you're getting out into the community.

    Well Rachel, you missed the annual bubble wrap bag-making party. Or rather, we missed you. Yep, getting ready for the big TO Outdoor show this weekend. Mom has been working nonstop and your bedroom has officially become the framing room--no offense.

    Blessings to you all; it's great to get your news and photos, and we pray for you all. Much love Rachel, and greetings to all, Mark and Alice

  3. Nice orange pants Haley Bob

  4. Hey Ghana Team,

    Its awesome that you all arrived safely and that you have already started working. What a great God we serve. Enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of Ghana. If you are planning a trip to the market, remember: Reject the first offer.

    Hayley, I would like to have an arm wrestling contest with you when you get back. I'm sure that you might have a chance of beating me after all the work you've done.

    Same goes for you Rachel.

    And Sara, you haven't even been in Ghana for a full week and have already 'felt the rains down in Africa'. Be sure to sing that next time there is a downfall.

    Praying for you guys. Blessings.


  5. Hey Haley. Aunt Gerri here...again. Well I thought I had this thing figured out but apparently, I don't! I logged on this morning at 6:30 (or so I thought I did) and sent you another message. But when I went to show Beppe, it wasn't there. Perhaps it takes time to show up. However, in the event that it's lost in cyberspace somewhere, I decided to send you another one (just so you don't feel left out at breakfast...and if by chance the other message does appear, aren't you going to feel special? lol) So you say you're getting rather buff?? Well, that's those muscles girl because I hear they're in the process of making a Baywatch movie and you could star in the leading role!! And this time,... you won't need balloons!! lol Love you LOTS! HUGS! Aunt Gerri xox

  6. hi girl all of u must feel special because u r could u believe we have a foster child in ghana north region tamale and your comments make her closer 2 me keep on trucking and enjoy lol my versionwe learn new things and gods world is so amazing bless u all

  7. OK Hope & Daryl - here's something you likely thought you'd never hear - we wish we were there with you :) No, really, the blog posts and the pics especially of Comfort & Israel, and all the stories of the village - we are replaying the joy and peace and beauty of sitting upstairs and watching the village come alive either am or pm. Please try to get a pic of the whole Samuel family together with our fav girlfriend Theodocia - we love her smile!
    No way are you going without us again... look to the east of the compound, we can see your house there.
    Lots of love and prayers to/for you and the other repeaters - Kim, Mikaela & Isaac, and to our "own" Megan & Alexas (note careful spelling), we know this won't be your last time either. Maybe next time we can all go together?
    And to all, enjoy the rains, they are God's gift to the earth to provide so many with food.
    Many, many hugs - Ellen & David

  8. TANIA AND DON! hello my friends! i joined this thing just for you, so i can follow your lovely adventure. sounds like you are having a good time so far. im very excited for you both. i saw some pics of jennas wedding, she looked so beautiful and everyone says it was a great time. anyways ill keep it short but i miss you already and ill be your connection to your friend world over here. xoxoxo -Nicole.

  9. Hey rachel!!
    it took me a dozen tries and i still couldnt
    figure out how to post comments on this blog,
    iv been trying since the second update!!
    i finally figured out when shannon smartly told me, boy did i feel like an idot..
    im really glad you are loving africa and helping so many people, its one of your steps.. to CHANGING THE WORLD and MAKING A DIFFERENCE!
    im comming home from korea soon, actually very very soon,, i leave tomrow actually !!
    im excited and dredding the plane trip
    but it will all be better once i crawl in bed and fall fast asleep,
    i miss you alot and see you in august!!!!!!!!


    ps. you are a tank with your bandana.

    pss. i got glasses and contacts!!

    psss. p.s
    Today, was my first day working for a real estate company. just as I sat in my car my pants ripped hugely from my crotch all the way to the top of my pants and three inches wide. I was wearing a thong and we were on our way to show him an open house. FML

  10. Hey to the Ghana girls! Haley, Rachel and Sara. Just checking in to see how you are doing.
    I see you are doing well.
    my continued prayers are going up for you.
    I'm so proud of you guys! That's amazing.
    God's blessing on you all.

  11. Hi Chelsey, Alexis , Megan,Jack, and the rest of the Ghana Team im glad to hear were not the only one s getting the rain but cheer up the sun will shine on you all, you all look like you have been working very hard and to be working in the rain i know makes it difficult but im sure you are makeing the best of it and haveing fun while you work, i found a good size rock for you Chelsey when you get home so you can do your own laundry here as well and if the twin s want to borrow it to do there s they know they are more then welcome too, I know it has only been a week sence you left us here in Canada but we miss you dearly Chelsey and we think of you and your friends all the time everyone keeps asking about you and i have no problem telling them how you are from your comments that you all send back. i have not drove your car yet Chelsey well just to move it to cut the grass, i can t wait to show Papa the pic s he will get a good chuckle and a good look at what you are doing there i know he is very proud of you,any ways i think iv said enought we love you Chelsey and can t hardly wait to hear from you again , work hard and be safe.xoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. Hey Chelsey!
    Dont know if you get these posts or not but i'll say it once more haha.. i miss you lots.. hope the weather and work has been good to you guys.. i'll look out for your next post, well until then have fun! :) miss you! (you too jack,alexis and meg)

  13. HI Chelsey,
    Glad to hear things are going well with you and the Ghana team. Can't wait you hear about your journey and maybe even see a slide show...hint hint. I hope you have seen some sun! It is finally sunny in Oshawa today but calling for rain tomorrow. Happy travels and God Bless You!
    Love BJ, Ross, Nicole and Janae XO

  14. Hey Chelse...Your Mother is too funny...she's got a rock...You look great in the photos. You all look great. I'm just leaving you and I'll post again tomorrow. HAVE FUN Y'ALL...Catchya' Aunti Jules, Uncle Chris, Taylor, Hudson (dog), and new additions Libr nd Aquarius (siamese fighting fish)...

  15. Hi Haley , Dad again. REALLY missing you now! Funny EH! You don`t know how much you will miss someone until they`re not here.Blubber, Blubber, Blubber.
    I went down to the lake yesterday at 5:00am to keep the hundreds of geese from coming in for breakfast and i was already too late as they were feasting on the grass from the Juniper cottage to the Birchcliff dock.Brenda from the trailer said she heard them around 3:45, NO WAY!!!
    Today i got up at 3:30 (in the pitch dark) and walked down to the lake at 3:38. I heard them on the water just coming in for snacks so i walked the shoreline back and forth until 5:30 and they decided it wasn`t in their best interests to come on shore so they went around the corner to Glengary.
    Hope everyone is doing well, haven`t heard much, Mom says "no news is good news!!.I guess i read to many papers or pay too much attention to world events, but i worry (and pray) about you and the team quite a bit (more then mom knows, she thinks i`m a worry wort) Gotta go before her and the boys get home from the library. LOVE YOU , DAD