Thursday, July 16, 2009

Answer to some questions

Hi Folks - me again (Daryl)

just to answer a couple of questions before I get kicked off the internet - there is a line up here.

1) yes the rains stopped....for now, but the damage is pretty exptensive in some areas. On the way through the villages to the main road we pass through Bortianor, and the rain has been so heavy that 4 days after it stopped (today) there is still a stream of water running out of the hills washing away the road. They repair it 24 hours with rocks and sand bags trying to stopp the flow and every day more of the road disappears....but - they are such a resiliant people.......

2) the berm we built last year saved the entrance to the YFC centre. the damage in the photo begins south of where our trench ends - in short, our repair last year did exactly what we expected and Ghana YFC is thrilled because once they make it up the road (a whole different story - the ruts are two feet deep in places!) they can get into the compound. Not everyone on the road can do that. Well done 2008 team!! Our berm and the ditch we filled with big rocks worked like a charm...

3) the Obama vists just screwed up traffic....but there was some exciement for sure....

4) the Michael Jackson thing.....also screwed up traffic - but for different reasons.....and we here his name in evry other conversation...a little surreal for sure.

More next week I hope. Sorry for the delays - TIA :)



  1. This is for Haley and the rest of the gang :-D ...this is Haleys Aunt Sherry all the way from Orangeville, Ontario (Cobourg is also my home town and I went to the West) and I just wanted to say that I am very proud of her and ALL of you for what you are doing. This is an exciting adventure ... be safe ... be aware and stay together. Enjoy this blessing and the gift that you have been given to be able to have an opportunity to be able to do this and help others with such big leaps. BIG hugs, Haley (xo0)... and this is a moment for a "Group HUG"!!

  2. heyy lexi and meg i wanted to let you both know that till you come home i will always read your messages and send you messages and we went to the powow this weekend and theses 2boys we camped with thwy go to enss trent and kyel you lexi wher kyels peer tooter and he says your smoken and so does trent they also like megs to and if i said to them this fier is hot they would say so was the twins in be last night and kyel said that one day he ran into meg in the halway at scholl and he thaought meg was you so he asked whet was his home work for inglish and meg said i am not alexas and i told them that you guys where to old tent is going into grade 10 and kyel 11 i wanted to kow if you guys could bye me one of the dresses that the girls in africa wear i think that would be cool to have.any ways i miss you guys and cn't wait to here all about your trip.and i never thought that they lake was salt ihter and i also wnt to know what obama siad to you guys any ways love you lond time ttly girls remember i always think abou tyou and i always lokk forward to when you guys come home and when you guys come home you can come to a powow with us.and if you know someone who is sick you can give some one some tabco and tell thenm whaat the persom has and what there name is they will do a dance form them l.anyways love you lnong time <3

  3. Hi Tania and Don,

    Well, we have had solid rain today but the grass and gardens needed it. Have been in touch with your Mom and Dad on regular basis. They really miss you guys and look forward to your return. David is happy in his new condo - miss him at home but it wa time to branch out on his own. I enjoy reading the blog and seeing the beautiful pictures. You both sound like you ar working hard and should be in fantastic physical shape when you return. Will log on again soon to get updates on happenings and I am sure your Mom will calling again soon to "dictate" another letter. Love Aunt Joyce P.S. Belated Happy Birthday Don!!