Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog Posts from July 8th Part 2 of 2

FROM HAYLEY.......Hey everyone!! You don’t even know how excited I was to get your blog posts :P and to all of my friends who didn’t post on the wall, SHAME ON YOU!! Those brighten our day SO MUCH :D Africa is amazing and HOT and fun. I had the worst morning today and the best afternoon. I was sore and tired and I had many “chippy” moments (will explain when I get back :P) but I am gonna be super buff when I get back just so ya know :D
To zack: they read us the posts before dinner and when daryl got to your post everyone went oooooh! And sara was all excited and I was REALLY happy :P and everyone enjoyed your post and thought you were really funny and they all laughed at my expense for mushyness but I liked it <3 I am used to getting that every day and I miss it. You don’t have to give up being with your family to see me!! You can see me anytime, go to Quebec and have fun. Oh! And im buying you a shirt and something else <3 you will see when I get back. Make sure you wear your boot!! I love you <3 I miss you <3
To the Fam: Tell alex I can’t believe im not gonna see him for a whole month!!! I have already picked out fabric for his shirt tho :P and tell Michael I am sorry I missed him. I feel great! I love Africa and I washed my clothes on the roof today! :D do you want a shirt and a dress?? Let me know and preferred fabric colours as well, I got lots to pick from :D and aunt Jodi, just so you know, I will GET YOU BACK!!

Hey this is Mikaela,
Everybody, I will not post until Jack is demoted!

Hey all, this is Tania
I got your post about Kieran. Thanks I needed that. Today was a hard day. Not just physically but emotionally. I really miss my boys and was sooo not wanting to be here anymore. Then I went with Daryl, Jennine, and Daniel (A Ghanaian YFC Leader) into the city. I got to see why we’re needed here. The people are so friendly and community orientated, yet they have nothing! I felt over come with a sense of purpose and a new drive to become immersed in this culture and community! I hope everyone is well! I miss you and love you all!

Hey it’s Sara
So the work has been tiring, the food has been hard to eat, but I wouldn’t change anything! I love it here it’s so beautiful and yet you still remember why we are here every day. Today Kim, Darcie and I went into the village to visit the fabric shop. Mom I thought of you and I bought some fabric :D when you have time again your making me more outfits YAY !! ha sister you!! I was so excited to hear you call me brat it made me laugh. Hey mom could you somehow get Dalton to post something for me. I kinda want to hear from him. Hey dad love you so much… don’t be crying :D okay love you all! hi Tanya and craig and Kevin and Alicia also say hi to Kayla for me!

Hey guys – Megan Here, hope your all doing great. We are still having a lot of fun, definitely have been some highs and lows throughout the last few days. Today walking in to the village, which is less than ten minutes from our compound - there was a little girl standing against a tree and I asked her if could take her picture, she looked very sad and most children here love to have their picture taken & I thought I might cheer her up, she said “no” I couldn’t take her picture. I asked her what she was doing and she said “looking for my sister”. This is sad because she was standing against a tree looking at a school full of children outside, learning from their teacher. I believe her sister is the one who goes to school, and Gifte* is the one who learns from her sister when she comes home. It was heart breaking, the look in her eyes is something I will never forget – she wanted to be in school with her sister and friends more than anyone could have wanted anything & it sucked to see that, heartbreaking truly. Britt congrats to you for adopting a child, please pray for Gifte & the every other child and adult in Ghana & of course our team. Love Megan, talk to you in a few days. I do have high points of today to, but that is on my mind. PS. Dave and Ellen having a great time thank you for adopting us ! Were safe and well – except my wrist kills from work today.

Darcie - Hey all again, so good to hear from all of you, Ahmed… NO WAY will I eat the tomatoes I would rather eat the fish lol…the onions are the challenging part for me , it is in everything, miss you and love you honey. Heather … miss you hope that the boys are not driving you too too crazy lol, Whit… I laughed so hard, I’m so glad that you made it there and back in one piece so proud of you. Carissa….no longer have a voice now lol I’m a just a squeak I am everyone’s entertainment around the compound. So great today first time down in the village and got to see some people that I knew, so great to see. Got the word as of today that Paul will be coming next week! So excited for that! Miss everyone..oh mom…thank you for the grrr from bear and the hi from steve hope you’re not missing me too much :) miss you and love you Darcie

HEY AGAIN:) - its alexas – forgot to write my name the first time but I think Daryl did and sometimes he spells it with an I – so if that did happen and you were wondering I forgot to put my name – lol. Thanks mom, dad, pam, britt, eliza for the messages its good to know you guys are thinking about us cause I usually get homesick falling asleep lol and its night time here right now were playing cards with our two friends Alfred and Edmund – Edmund is a missionary that is staying with us during the time that we are here (he wakes up at 4am and prays until 5am or sometimes wakes up at 1am and prays until 4am – depending on what the spirit is telling him – I think that’s pretty crazy[crazy awesome] lol) Alfred is also staying with us he is on the cooking team and it’s so funny cause if you go up for seconds he smiles and puts his hands in the air and says that he really wants you to like it..but I haven’t gotten to know him that well but I am working on it . I have some really sad stories from the village but we’ll save them for later – today we moved sand, water and rocks :) its actually quite fun.. but im having a hard time sleeping at night so it sucks…(Jack found a huge spider in his bed – and there really is such a thing as bed bugs – who knew?) – Ellen and David the messages are encouraging ..was kind of having a chipy today actually but it’s the lack of sleep..thanks so much for all your help by the way:) [Wynad – it would be nice to hear from you brotha miss you xo]
Ps. don’t let brooke go into my room! Hahahah cause her thing is there and that’s mine so I would like to have it back thanks …Chelsea and Britt im leaving that up to you.. xoxoxo love love.
Love you family – misssssssss you tonnesssss - tell everyone I said hello and dad your right our fam is awesome :) Bye.

Hello!! :) its Melissa and im having a fantastic time in africa!!! It’s the most amazing and gorgeous place ever and even now only after a few days here-which feel like much longer- I know im going to miss this place soo much that ill need to return. The food has been very familiar and I found, other then the sour dough thing and the okiedokie something stew, ive been having more problems with the north American foods (i.e. watermelon and hardboil eggs-EWW!! :() The village is so friendly. Where people at home would give me weird looks, people here respond to my waves, hi’s and smiles and will start a conversation. Right now im singing with Alfred, Edmund, Tania, Alexas, Don and Janine. Its such a comfortable atmostphere and has a completely different feel. One of my favourite times is walking down to the village, usually for some yummy fan ice! Especially when school is getting out. The saddest thing though would be seeing the children whos family’s can’t afford to send them to school or the ones that are hungry or thirsty. The work is going well and the people in and out of the group have all been amazing and im so happy to be here with this group of people but yes I do miss home
Love Melissa – I miss you guys


  1. Hey Haley Bob. Did you forget how to spell your name already? All that physical work must be getting to you. Sounds like you're doing lots of that! Good job! Are you taking your oregano oil?
    Love the pictures! They carry babies like that in Guatemala too. It looks so comfortable for both. Isn't it amazing to see how people can be so happy with so little? It sure is enlightening.
    It's been very wet here too although we don't have anything like what you've got. The grass is still very green and it's cold for July. Stephanie has been teaching James to fish for bluegill but SHE's got to clean them as he doesn't know how. Too funny.
    Ariel and Owen were here for a couple of days and we ran out of John Deere ice cream (mint chip is GREEN you know) so he had to switch to chocolate.
    I hope you're keeping a journal so you remember everything cuz believe it or not, you WILL forget!
    Love you lots, blue neck and all. hehe
    Aunt Jodi

  2. Hello Brat, of course I called you Brat, that's what you lil B!! Glad to hear from you, I check everyday! We miss you a lot, Craig and Tanya got a kitten and she is soo cute. Her name is Princess Fiona and she is gray, sounds like her and Sadie get along. Sadie was looking for you at the house last night and I'm sure Patches will go a little nutty too without you, not to mention Mom and Dad, I swear they will completely renovate the house while you gone! I love you and think about you all the time. The Girls at work are probably gonna get sick of me saying, "I wonder what Sara is doing in AFRICA right now?" LOL! Keep up the good, hard work baby sister, hope to hear from you soon.
    Love Erin

  3. Good Morning darlin' Daughter!~
    We miss you! Suppers are quieter!
    It has been wet and cold here too! I did a fishing derby tuesday and my hands froze! We have a lot of new people here this week so its pretty quiet. We should send Marcus to Africa next time, he doesn't think he can live without his music! I think he would be amazed at what he can truly live without! He was pitchin weeds yesterday and his ipod fell in the lake and doesn't work, hopefully it will soon! So last night he was using the old mp3 player and dropped the sd card on his way out the back door, so its under the deck! He was out there at 11 o'clock with a ruler trying to get it back, oh the trials of being Marcus!
    Gramma says hi! she has been calling asking if we have heard from you.
    Keep up the good work! love ya lots, mom - I like bright colours! blues reds yellows purples -I'm sure i will like whatever you pick for me!
    Haley ,it`s me Dad.I realized just before you left ,how old i`m getting! It was just a couple days ago i was holding you up to the fish tank. I`m sssoooo proud of you. I finally found someone to do the alignment and safety on the Charger. Love You, Stay Safe. Dad

  4. Hi Sara and the rest of the team,
    I check every day (at least once) to see if there are any new posts from Africa. I love hearing all about your adventures. We're busy painting the hallway and hopefully by next week I can start on your new room. We went to visit Grandma yesterday too. Took her shopping and had Swiss Chalet for supper. She was happy and even remembered you were gone and asked if we had heard from you yet. I'll try send a message to Dalton and Kayla and tell them to write to you. Lots of people are reading your posts but not everyone knows how to answer back. We love you. Mom (PS. Your Dad cried when I read your letter - figures ! !)

  5. Hi Sara!!
    It's been fun reading about your adventures. We just got back from a week of wet camping, so maybe we know what you're feeling?? Probably not even close! Definitely not as hot as Africa here. Keep up the good work and remember WHO you're working for!!
    Leaving soon to bring Kayla and Nicole to Wonderland. Lots of love & kisses from Brampton, from Auntie Shelley

  6. Dear Little Sister,

    Not a chance! How else am I supposed to make sure you keep smiling when I'm half way across the world? Also, make sure he's performing ALLLL his brotherly duties. (i.e., extra hugs when you need them... carrying you aroud when your legs get tired... generally being a slave to your cuteness...etc)

    Love you!


  7. fish is a good start honey .. we will work on the onions nest time :) .. are you having a good time there ?? miss you so bad

  8. Zack says,

    Hey Haley:-D I think its hilarious that you had blue die runing on ya :P ok so this blog is not cooperating with me at all!!! :( I have been trying to wright to you this hole week now but my dumb #$% computer wont load the coment box for some reason???? Don’t know why but its just stupid!!! And then I tried my moms cell cuz it has internet buuuut it wouldent load the coment page!!! so I asked Shannon to send it for me so im good:) but I had a appointment today in peterbrough about my foot and I broke my Talus bone… so the guy told me that if the blood dosent go back into the bone they will have to break my ankle completely and cut it open to get it cuz its in the center of my ankel hard to get at, than take the little broken piece out, so im on crutches now and im a lose cannon on the things :P iv already wiped out on my WET deck I wasent thinking :P but im staying off wet things now lol and hope all gos good :) anyways this icecream stuff would be a nice treat :) and thats good you like the food cuz your most likly gonna be very hungry after a days work, i had a feeling you would be able to do the construction :) keep the hard work up :)i cant go to Quebec anymore anyways, i have to go to peterbrough again so they can see if my foot is getting better, so im going to be home when you get back <3 im missing you to so much <3 everything i do reminds me of you!<3 and i get sad cuz your so far away for so long:( cant wait to hear from ya babe <3 im glad my letter is helping <3

    Love you Haley <3


    P.s The book is looken GOOD :) Iv picked 4 songs and there are more to come <3

    Zack <3

  9. Donna here. Glad all is going well Darcy and that you are being entertaining for the team. I think that's what you said. Wish I was there as well as it sounds to be less hot than when we were there.Will be watching each day to see how the work is progressing and remembering what we did. I keep you all in my prayers.It seems to me that the time is passing very quickly. How does it seem to you?

  10. Finally an honest days work
    I hear the stars look brighter down there?And that if you wish hard enough it will come true. keep working and learning that everyone needs a friend even if its only for a minute in time .
    Can I send money I really want a homemade hat .
    Love dad and pam

  11. Hey megan. Sorry it is me again.

    Ok so this is important I need to know what to do.

    So I hope you get this msg. Cause i sent a few and I dont think you saw them.

    So i printed off those forms for your school but there is ALOT of stuff that I dont know what to fill out. plus there is money due and such. So I just want to know if you still want me to try and fill them out. or would tray know what to do. Sorry to bug you all the way across the world but I jjust want to make sure I do this right for you.LOL

    hope you are having a blast and you fixed your shoe!!! buy me something pretty!!! like a bracelet or an anklet cause you love me1!!!!! :)

    Love you..
    Love you too lex. Miss you both so much already.
    cant wait til you get home!!!

    Love danizz

  12. Hey Haley I have some important things for you to check out. Do they have flush toilets? If so, check to see if the water swirls clockwise or counter clockwise. I wanted to check when we were south of the equator but never had toilets that flush that way. Also, check out the moon. Does it look different? Does it ever have the crescent shape totally on the bottom?
    Zack needs to stay in school so he learns to spell properly. hehe.
    Jack MOVED today. Yup. He did this weird back crawl thing but kept hurting his head running into things. He's very funny.
    Did you know that there IS a city called Timbuktu? It's in Mali. It's amazing what you learn when studying maps of Africa. lol.
    Keep your eyes open. Learn lots and write EVERYTHING down cuz inquiring minds want to know.
    Love ya lots!

  13. Hi there Lady D!
    Glad to hear that you are having a good time and got to spend the day with Andrews. :)

    Friday didnt happen, lol, I got called into work :) But apparently we are to go out early next week. I will let you know how it goes... Nick is actually quite a lot of fun to chat with, lol, although I still feel a little bad about not remembering him from high school... :)
    Anyways, Liam is doing good, he talked about you a couple times, wanted to know if you where coming to the park with us again.
    Lol, I havent done anything that you wouldnt let me do, yet :P
    Promise I wont. :)
    Miss you tons! be safe.
    Say hi to Andrews for me, I hope to one day meet him. Talk to you soon.

  14. Hey Tania & Don
    So sorry I tried posting but couldn't figure it out for the longest time, but i think i got it figured out now!! lol....just wanted to give you guys an update. Kieran is doing great, still no teeth yet, but will let you know as soon as it happens, Cameron is at his Dads now, but we had a good time with him..he has seen many movies, enjoyed family camp & went with us to the splashpad, the boys loved it, we had a picnic afterwards where the seagulls attempted to attack adam (he was so horrified & his fear of birds really kicked into high gear, we had to read Cameron the blog posts from you guys & he's amazed at how many blocks you guys moved on the first day...keep up the good work
    Love you & miss you & are very proud of all the things you & your team are accomplishing & enduring while there
    Megan,Adam,Nathaniel,Cameron & Kieran

  15. Hi Tania and Don,
    I am probably the least person you want to hear from but wanted to let you know we are keeping up with the information you are sending home. Today is Sunday and after church we gathered around the computer so Owen and Brileigh could see the pictures, I also read Owen your notes you have written. I just wanted to let you know that Cameron enjoyed family camp, everyone here at home is going overboard to keep him busy. Adam and Meagan came out to the lake with the boys so I got to see them...I appreciated that. Adam took Cameron fishing and they were catching fish. Cameron just loved it and was proud of his catch. Spencer and Cameron have also taken to fishing off the dock (for your peace of mind they are wearing life jackets)and just love it. I don't know how many containers of worms we have gone through. The wedding went fine. Some hick ups but we will tell you about them when you come home. Brileigh ended up being in the wedding with Emma as Emma refused to walk down the aisle without Brileigh. I ran out the morning of the wedding and purchased a dress for her and they did their part really well...they were so cute. Don's mum called me to let me know how Keiron was doing under her care. He is doing excellent and they are very proud grandparents. They have lots of time to dote over him and he loves it. When Adam and Meagan brought the boys over for a visit, Keiron was so happy to see Owen and Brileigh. He just kept following them around and it was really special how Owen was so happy to see Keiron and wanted to hold and hug him a lot. Wendy has been excellent with the boys as well. I looked out the window and saw Gleason and Wendy taking Keiron for a walk. He was all snuggled in his pj's and blanket and was enjoying the show. Don't worry about the boys they are doing great. Cameron has said a couple of times that he misses his Mom but that can be expected. Cameron was looking forward to seeing his dad.
    Wow I didn't expect you guys to experience rain in Africa. Our church is praying for you guys and we will pray about the people who are now affected by these rains. Go easy with those bricks - we are just amazed at how many you are moving and the weight of them is unbelievable. I am praying for you guys as well, at night when I pray for you guys with the kids, Owen will add and keep them safe...Brieleigh repeats keep them safe. Dad must have had the wrong web site to read about you guys, he was in BC this week but is coming home tonight so we have the blog sight for him. Kaleb has been helping me at home with it. Dad has been anxious to hear from you so he will be able to check it out tonight.
    Dad and I are proud of your commitment to serve in Africa and the sacrifces you have made to make it happen. God Bless!
    Love Mum, Dad, Amber, Owen and Brileigh
    PS Owen says "I miss Tania and Don"

  16. heyy lexi and meg said he hopes you guys are having /fun and everone wan's to know what a soccer ball lookes like and how any more blocks you have to lift. and brook.c wants to know what you did with her sisters sweeter and laura had her baby landin its aboy unless you guys already know and jared says he hopes you are having fun and we all can't wait till you come home jack called her our nfew and siad to come to your how aka house and my dad says hi and yea love you long time twins eliza

  17. hey Tania and Don!
    it's Amber and Kaleb here! we miss you guys so much! i hope you are having a good time. we really think it is sweet that you guys decided to do this trip. That is really nuts about all the flooding. thats scary. We were looking through the pictures you guys posted. Wow Don you look like your really hard at work. Just like we know you...... taking a nap. haha. Oooo and that little boy is sooo cute! plaes take him home with you! Kieran and Cameron were down here at Wesley Acres. They are both doing really well. they both miss you though and can't wait till you guys come home. Cameron has been having alot of fun with Adam going out fishing and such. So don't get to woried you will be home soon enough.
    Tania, Kaleb and I just got back from Ottawa today. we were down there for two days to check out our appartement. It is really nice and in a neat spot with a theatre and many stores near by. However, the short trip to Ottawa ended up caosting a fortune! the car battery quit and everytime we turned off the car we had to have it boosted. In ione day we had it boosted five times! anyway to keep a long story short... we got a new battery and ended up the next day getting four brand new brakes. haha. Anyway we hope you guys are having a good time and learning lots. Keep up the good work! It is neat to see all the stuff you guys are doing. Come home soon though ... we need some tania don time
    :( Love Kaleb and Amber
    ps. the kisses and hugs are from Tania. maybe one from Kaleb to.