Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quick Ghana update Aug 2nd.


Daryl asked me to post that he will be posting important re-entry information for parents and friends on monday, this will be the last post from Ghana. Feel free to comment and the messages will get read after they are home. Further details on pickup etc will be coming before Thurs. Thanks to all the folks supporting and your comments, it is extremely important and critical to the success of the mission.

Have a great day.


  1. I'll bet it feels weird to be back in North America. I hope you spent quality time in transport updating your journals so you've got everything in writing cuz you WILL forget. You can't write too much, only too little. Take your time and have fun discussing memories, what you've learned and where you want to go from here. Write it ALL down!
    Take care!

  2. Great work team! Good luck and safe jouney. We are praying for the small stuff as well as the big stuff. Keep God close and may your pain and aches be small. May joy fill you for the work you have done.

  3. You make us all proud. The St. Andrew's gang were asking how you were doing again today. For folks who have never met ANY of you, their care and support is really touching. Miss Betty (the widow who gives her best every time we ask!) was wondering how you all dealt with the heat and humidity like we have here in Florida - I'd love to have something specific from you all to tell her. Help me out, team!
    I know you have the final stretch in view - be patient, keep the love flowing, the trip home can be as hard as anything else you have done. Know that many, many prayers and angels will be watching over you, now and always,
    Ellen & David

  4. Good job team! Be proud.

    The move went smoothly for the most part. HOwever, our fridge has died and gone forever and we have been without a connection (t.v, phone and internet for just over a week. Overall though it was positive. We had a great deal of helping hands and are starting to settle in. I can't wait to see you again. Bowmanville is nice but it won't be as good as a town with you in it.

    Many thoughts and prayers that you will settle back in to North America as easily as possible.

    Miss you!

  5. Hey Team good work, thank you each and every one of you for doing His work and sharing your talents with the people of Ghana.

    See you soon,
    Because of Him
    Brother Jason :>

  6. Hey Kim,

    personal note for you LOL, well three sleeps to go we are trying to get things ready for ya here.... clean underwear and all... seriously don't ask... anyway remember second star to the left and straight on 'til morning encase in doubt keep that chin up as to see where you are going, get some skin the game hmm no idea, one for the gipper,what kind of name is that anyway hmmm make us proud... too late... we are very proud of you already for answering the call to serve our Lord & the people of Ghana.
    Safe Home & as you wish
    Farmboy Jas

  7. Hi Steve and team
    Wow!What an amazing job you have all done.Welcome home.Hope your flights were uneventful and relaxing.
    Steve we can't wait to see you.The whole family misses you.We can't wait to hear all your stories.
    Oh and I bought a new car,hopefully I'll have it by Thursday.It's a standard.No you can't drive it.I'm finally in the 2000's.
    Love you

  8. Darcie....
    Again...good for all of you and all the hard work that you are doing. I am so proud of you!
    Finlly had a nice weekend here...Yah! I am back to work today (Tuesday) Boo!
    Carissa got done her co op at the hospital...Yes she did it! And now has a job for a week to 2 weeks with Justine down at the lake cleaning Justine's uncles ferry.
    Grandma & Grandpa Durnin send all their best and love as well. Grandpa got frustrated trying to figure out the he told me to send the wishes for them!
    Take care, keep up the good work, as always, we all send our love to you! xoxo

  9. Welcome Home Chelsey and the Ghana team glad to see your back home in Canada im sure you have had a timmies by now and a nice hot shower we will be picking you up thursday can t wait to see you Chelsey and to hear your stories on the way home.... Jack,Alexis,Meg, we have talked to your parents and we let them know we can give you a ride home with us...Can t wait to see you all Love Mom & Dad xoxoxo

  10. Don and Tania,

    Welcome Home! Read the final blog and we are so impressed with the accomplishments you and the team have made. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your many experiences. We continue to pray for your safe arrival. Lots of Love. Mom and Dad

  11. Don and Tania,

    Wow, what a list of accomplishments in the final blog! You and the team have accomplished so much. You can certainly feel great pride in what you have done. Everyone looks forward to hearing about your experiences. Love Aunt Joyce