Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23rd quick update.

Hello home!!  Can't get a blog post up until the weekend probably, but wanted to get a short note out today.

The team gets stronger every day. Today, in less then 4 hours we moved over 900 blocks up to the level we are working on. That is a record. The Ghanains who work with us kept stopping and commenting in amazement. They could not believe it. The twm was really pumped afterwards, they could hardly believe it themselves.

Don, Steve and Daryl had a formal meeting with the chief of the village today. What a cool experience to observe the ancient customs and protocol of greeting the local "stool" (seat of power)

One special request for prayer. On the way to meet the chief, Daniel mentioned that the strange weather has really affected the fishing. We have watched the fishing boats return from the sea, and many are coming in empty after a day's work on the ocean. Not good for a fish based economy and food-source. Please pray that their needs would be met. And for a return of the fish.

Thanks all.

Have a great day.


  1. Wow ! ! Great work Team. We're so pleased to hear about all the work your getting accomplished. Sara, work is progressing here on your room. Hopefully you'll have a bed to sleep in when you get back. Rained here all day today.

  2. That is amazing! Did you ever think you were capable of doing so MUCH?!
    Annette's been working on collecting money so you won't run out of supplies. We wouldn't want you to run out of WORK!
    Haley Bob Joanna, Ariel helped me miss you a little less today. She went on a walk with your MOm and I and TALKED the whole way. It was like having a mini Haley along. By the way, she is 4'5" tall and the wii says she's 17 years old.
    Oh, I gave Jack his first real haircut. He's now blonde and looks like a boy. Bummer.
    Can't wait to hear your stories!
    Aunt Jodi

  3. Haley; your Dad posted this to an old update and I was afraid you wouldn't see it so copied it here.

    Hi Haley , Dad again. REALLY missing you now! Funny EH! You don`t know how much you will miss someone until they`re not here.Blubber, Blubber, Blubber.
    I went down to the lake yesterday at 5:00am to keep the hundreds of geese from coming in for breakfast and i was already too late as they were feasting on the grass from the Juniper cottage to the Birchcliff dock.Brenda from the trailer said she heard them around 3:45, NO WAY!!!
    Today i got up at 3:30 (in the pitch dark) and walked down to the lake at 3:38. I heard them on the water just coming in for snacks so i walked the shoreline back and forth until 5:30 and they decided it wasn`t in their best interests to come on shore so they went around the corner to Glengary.
    Hope everyone is doing well, haven`t heard much, Mom says "no news is good news!!.I guess i read to many papers or pay too much attention to world events, but i worry (and pray) about you and the team quite a bit (more then mom knows, she thinks i`m a worry wort) Gotta go before her and the boys get home from the library. LOVE YOU , DAD

  4. Hi Steve and team
    Sounds like you are all working very hard.I'm sure all of us following would like to be there helping.
    What a wonderful experience Steve meeting with the Chief.Can't wait to hear all about it.
    We think about you all the time and miss you.
    Busy making all the wedding plans.There is a shower for Shawna on Tuesday night.I'll be able to meet alot of their friends and family.
    Dad has ripped the deck apart and changed it.Wish you were here.It will never be finished.
    Keeps him busy,though.
    Have to get to work now,I'll write later.
    Love you,Mom

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  6. Thats crazy!! good job guys:)900 blockes in less than 4 hours!!! nice :)keep working hard! so last night we looked at houses :) and we picked fisher road i think :-D cuz the other one is to far away. so we are moving in the star of August :) we have to be out before the 21st. i found some new songs for the book<3 i like them alot, they are new country songs:) Then-Brad Paisley, onley you can love me this way- Keith Urban, big green tractor-Jason Aldean i like em :) i had the worst dream of life last night.. it was you leaven :( it was the play by play as what happend and it was rough :( but i woke up and looked at my calender and your coming home soon!!! i couldnt fall back asleep cuz i was so happy :) im missing you like crazy baby<3 i love you so much haley<3 your my hole life and my hole world<3 cant wait to be by your side haley<3 i LOVE you haley<3

    HAPPY 9 MONTHS HALEY!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  7. Hi Melissa

    3 weeks already. The time seems to be flying by. You guys are doing a great job.

    The photos have been enjoyable as it gives us a look into your world there.

    Hope the weather clears up for you. It has been rainy up here and not as warm as it should be for now.

    We have finally moved back in to the house from the trailer. Still some things to do but the light at the end of the tunnel is there now.

    Lumpy refuses to stay off the new bed. He jumped on it the minute I put it in and keeps going back like its his. It wasn't meant for THAT much weight!

    We love and miss you very much and when you get home we will go out for dinner and some shopping(your treat)

    Keep up the good work and get in some photos when you can.

    Love Dad, Mom and Mark

  8. Hey Mikaela!
    it's Sarah from the barn :)
    I hope you're having a blast helping everyone out.
    We've had rain the past couple weeks as well, not as bad as you guys I don't think!
    The barn's had some changes, some people left, hopefully some new people coming! :) We've got some empty stalls but I can't to see who fills them up. :)
    Benson has been a little sore, but he's had a break and is back in business :) I'm lessoning on him today and I've ridden him a few times, I can see why you love him! He's out in the field with everyone after a small stay in the square with Penny and Dexter and loves being with Cora.
    Keep up the great work, Ben, Lauren & I miss you!

    ~Sarah B
    (at the moment is wishing I could just put my name instead of using my AIM name :P)

  9. Wow!
    You guys are amazing!

    Hey Darcie, I hope you are having as good a time as last. :) Sorry it took so long to write again.... I have been busy :D
    Lol, just wait to see everything I have been doing, lol.

    So the date finally happend on Monday the 13th, lol, a little bit of a surprise for me cause I was to the understanding he would wouldnt be in town. Oh well! had a great time. Lol.

    Cant wait till your back. Miss you girl.
    Liam says hi (he talks about you every now and then, lol, wondering where you are :)

  10. Yeah Team! That's impressive you know! Slinging supplies is hard work. God bless you all and yes we will pray. Like the deciples with Jesus, were amazed, we pray that, the nets be over flowing with fish. Be safe, and drink lots! rest when you need it.
    Blessings team,

  11. Hey Rachel,
    Just a quick note before I go home from work. I hope you guys are still having a great time. it sounds like your work has become more rewarding and more challenging. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'll be thinking of you the whole day. lug some bricks on my behalf, will ya?

    love you, miss you

  12. HI Haley
    Zach told you his dream so I'll tell you mine! I dreamt that you came home early, you were in the kitchen I gave you a hug and noticed that you were quite a bit thinner, you also had brown spots on your neck and the reason you came home early was because you had sores all over your feet! Then I woke up :) So I hope your feet and everyone on the team still has happy healthy feet! keep up the good work! love ya lots MOM

  13. Hey Darc,
    I hope things are well where you are! Not too much new on this end. I saw Harry Potter the other day, you're going to love it. Its actually pretty funny! Also I have a new band I want you to listen to. I think you'll like them. I went golfing the other day and shot 75! The sad thing is I only played 9 holes and par is 36. Thats not good.
    Miss you!

  14. Hi Team!
    Sounds like you guys are doing awesome! That must mean everyone there is well. Glad to hear it! I hope you all will enjoy the little time you have left. Before you know it, you'll all be home wishing you were back in Africa! I can't wait to hear all your stories! We'll definately pray for the well being of all in those wonderful fishing villages. People that work that hard to provide for their families deserve to have their nets full every day. I'm sure you've all done your part to keep some of the other business people busy. Comfort is probably working all day at her sewing machine. Wish I could be there to see her and her family! Give my best to everyone!

  15. Hi Sara,

    Have I told you lately how much I hate YELLOW. There are now 3 coats of primer and one top coat of paint on your walls and I can STILL see the blue paint underneath. I guess you wanted to make sure I didn't run out of things to do while you were gone. Hope you're having an AMAZING time. Gotta go, I think the paint is dry.
    Love ya,

  16. Hey Darcie Girl!!!!
    It sounds like your team is doing amazing work...of course :) Me and the kids just watched Hairspray and I totally thought of you lol.
    Hope you are doing well...take care,

  17. Hi Tania and Don,
    Great work! You must be really proud of yourselves and your team. keep up the great work. So what is your total brick count up to? I suspect that it is a pretty big number. Enjoy the heat because someone forgot to turn on the heat over here and the summer of "no summer" continues. It does not seem to faze the kids any, and Owen earned his first swimming badge this past week. Mind you, he was the only kid to show up in the rain on Thursday to take his lesson in the rain. Brileigh keeps asking for you as she really misses you. All else is well. Family Camp 2 kicked off yesterday and the kids love all of the activity. I got out for a ski yesterday, only my second one of the summer, so I made it worthwhile and went 3 times. Adam and Meagan are going to come by today and I hope to get Adam out to try the wakeboard. I finally picked up my new car yesterday. After much searching, I got the colour I wanted, sunburst orange. Helps my mid-life crisis. lol We all miss you and I look everyday to see if there are any new posts or updates. Hang in there, it will all be over before you know it, but you will have memories that will last you the rest of your lives.

  18. Hey Sara!

    Sorry it’s taken us so long to write to you, but we couldn’t figure out how to post to you on the blog, so we’ve decided to have your mom do it for us.

    There’s nothing really new going on with me, I just spend all my time working. Kevin has moved in to his new place, and he absolutely loves it! You’ll have to come over some time soon when I’m there and we’ll kick Kevin out and watch a bunch of his movies.

    I can’t wait for you to get back so I can hear all about your African adventures and all the work you’re doing over there. Once you’re back we’ll pick a date that works for both of us and go out for a nice lunch or something and hangout.

    Being at your house just isn’t the same without you, it’s so quiet! We hope you’re having a great time over there and enjoying not only the experience but the good you are doing for the community. We’re proud of you and miss you lots.

    See you soon(ish) <3 Alicia and Kevin

  19. hey Haley<3 i had such a funny day :P i went to the y worked out for like almost 2 hours it felt good lol but i could feel every muscile in my body it was odd, and im gonna be taking purple k soon so im gonna be jacked!!!! in like 5 weeks but ill have to wait till i find out about my foot on wednsday if i need surgey. and my dads work bbq was today and it was alot a fun :) ppl drinken haven a good time :) i just got home now and feeling like a million bucks:)i beat a 25 year old in an arm wrestle!!! oh ya thats amazing :) he is 6'4 lol works with my dad and i beat him!!:) im so excited for you to come home!!!<3:) all my dads buddys ask if i have a girlfriend cuz they are like whats a guy like you without a girlfriend with you??cuz there where a few couples there my age, so i told them about us and showed em pics:) and they said your beautiful<3 im so lucky to have you<3<3<3 i love you so much<3 so my parents changed there mind on where we are moving... we are moving to a farm in castletin that has 45 acres i think, its 30 min from town and its 25 min from your place so not to far but i get the hole upstairs to my self!!! :-D my own bathroom and 3 rooms for my stuff :) amazing :) and im haven a huge party ether the 24 and 25 or the weekend after cuz thats a monday and a tusday i think, like everybody!!! its gonna be a good time:)
    anyways im realllyyy tired so im gonna hit the pillows:) goodnight beautiful<3 love you so much<3 sleep tight<3 nighty night<3
    Love Zack <3

    oh ya and i am going to Quebec with my mom and aunt and i leave the 31st get back the 5th so illl be back just before you :)and i have so much work done on the book but still lots more im gonna try to finish it all before you get back there will be just as much as you did almost <3
    love ya baby <3

  20. Jack buddy,
    Dad came up to Ottawa for the weekend. Was great times. Took him out around downtown to the market and we went to the war museum. Couple other places along the way. Weekend was actually not too bad. Been raining non-stop here. But this weekend, even thought i called for rain, nothing.
    Need to get you up to Ottawa for a weekend. Plenty of crazy things to do here in the summer... As long as the rain holds out.
    Anyways.. I am off to bed. Work in the AM



  21. Good morning darlin daughter!
    We had ribs last night on the new bbq, they were amazing! We had a good day off yesterday, ate breakky out and then went to the roseneath car show, lots of pretty cars there! Went home and then the rains came again! So we went grocery store and bought lots of food and ate, we had so much we had to invite Mike and Jodi down to help! Our next day off you will be home, time flies :) Keep sluggin blocks and makin us all so very proud! love ya lots MOM

  22. Hello Melissa! Hope you are still doing great and keeping up with the team. You may be even stronger than me when you get back :P. (I've wanted to use that symbol and thought that it was appropriate).
    We took Mark and his friends paintballing and your dad and I joined in too. You'll be happy to know that I shot Mark in the leg and Cameron and I beat your brother and Ryan so we have the bragging rights so you know how much I'll enjoy that. For the most part, your dad & I were on the same team so we don't know who was better but I got shot a few times and your dad's only injury was a shot to his gun. We had a great time and hope to take you when you get back, if you're still interested.
    Grandma Peeters says hi and we'll be going to the Downeyville cemetary service next weekend. Past that, there really isn't anything new.
    Keep working hard! Love you <3 and hope to hear from you soon! Love Mom.

  23. W0w I can't inmagine 900 blocks in such a short time. We all thought we were good but never did that. Will be looking forward to hearing all your stories on your return. Has it gone as quickly for you as it seems to have done for us?Will continue to pray for you all and your work as well as for the fishermen. Say hello to Samuel, Comfort and family for me . Wish I could see them all. The pictures look great though. Keep up the good work. Love, Donna

  24. Hi Tim everything here is fine both MR & MAV miss you I was in Ottawa this weekend we went to the war museum and the market boy you would enjoy both----not much on the leaf front or MONTREAL !!! mine you only 8 weeks to traing camp The weather here has been wet and cool the cool part I have enjoy Tim that great news on how the team have been working I hope that the fishing gets better soon Can't wait to see you and hear all of your stories Hope you have taken soom pictures LOVE YOU DAD ps -the shewolf and her 3 cobs move out last week no signs