Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16th updates

Hi folks, it’s Daryl.
It has been a bit tough to get on-line the last while, but we are back. Thank you to all who write to the team, it is fun to hear the news and encouragement from home. I have sent posts for in three sections – Jason will probably post them in order from oldest to newest so that they stay in the right order on the blog…. There is lot’s to tell.
The team is well, and they are working very hard. I pulled my back out a bit on Tuesday, so did light duty yesterday – and today some admin stuff. Here are some stat’s for those who want them…
We have moved over 1500 blocks up to the second level of the building since we started. A good mason is expected to lay 100 block per day – our two masons are laying 110 to 120 per day each, because the team can feed them material so fast. The head mason ODK, who we have worked with for years, said to Daniel Dzunu a couple of days ago, “If all the teams that have ever come here were as dedicated as the Canadians, this project would have been done years ago.” A high compliment from a man who is usually pretty silent. So – do the math…..they are laying about 220 to 240 blocks per day and we have 12 or so work days left…..and only 750 blocks ready to use (make that 735 – they just laid 15 more!!) Therefore, as long as the team can lift and we have money, we will buy blocks and cement and feed the masons what they love most……and, if all goes well we will complete one entire phase, which will be twice to three times what was expected. You can be very proud of these young Canadians – I know that I am. I would love to see a well funded team here once a year and just get this project done….we will see what God has in mind.
All of the team are well for the most part – no serious mishaps or injuries, in fact some of them are looking pretty trim right now! :)
I am going to send a few pics and try a video as well by early next week..
There is more news from kids below – both about the project and notes to home, etc.... Again I remind you all that all your comments can be read around the world so please keep this in mind as you write.
Continue to keep us in your prayers – it is the strength of God that keeps this going and we are very aware of that. Each day we see evidence of God in our work, the amount we get done, the conversations we have in the village and the way in which this team improves as a family each day. And….we don’t take that for granted.
Thanks all.
Nti fafa na mi (Peace be unto you in Ewe)
from Ghana - Daryl


  1. Hi everyone, Penny here! Glad to hear that everyone is doing so well! The ocean is so fun. I'm happy to hear that you got to experience the waves. How was the pollution level? I hope you have a few more opportunities to enjoy some R&R. It sounds like you've been doing an amazing job and getting very strong! They must be feeding you well. I'm with Dave & Ellen - you can not go without me again! I'm very thrilled that the berm and all the hard work that was done helped out so much. I'm not so sure about us being warmer than you have been. It's been pretty cool and rainy over all here. Yesterday it finally started warming up. We've been thinking and praying for you all every day! Just a question...why are people having trouble sleeping? Is it heat, comfort, noise, thoughts? Just want to pray specifically for what you need. I'll keep praying for the wonderful experiences it sounds like you are having and for all you need to keep working hard.

    Blessings to you all!

  2. Darcie i'm eating no fufus ! i'm sorry for being late on the blog..i have been working 13 hours for the last week, well i'm not trying to find excuse to myself.. i saw email from the blog i guess and i thought you guys wrote something but it was just photos!..i think i'm finding excuse again :D.. seems like you guys having good time and good thing that you are teaching them the right use for the word football where you can't use your hands! you can call your football soccer ! jk :).i miss you so bad and but i'm fine as long as you are having good time .. the photos looks wonderful. i hope you guys make it through the tropical rains.. best of luck to you all people