Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey Friends! Here is a little about me and why I'm on this team. I Have a passion in my life to work with youth and to see spiritual growth in peoples lives. About four years ago I felt God telling me to go to Africa, at the time I didn't want to go. I thought there was enough for me to do here let alone try to fix all the problems in west Africa. Over the last four  years  God has been Patiently working in and on my life, drawing me closer to him. One day about 7 months ago I prayed that if Africa was something in God's will for me, than to let it be done and to not let me get in the way of his plans. Very soon after I had prayed this a friend called asking if I wanted to help lead a team of youth to Ghana west Africa..... God had spoken and my heart was ready to listen. I was going to Ghana. Now with about six weeks left before we go I couldn't be more excited about Africa, but I believe even more so about my team. This is a group of men and women from different ages and backgrounds, different experiences and callings in their lives. I have seen so much growth in the last 6 months in my friends and in myself. I can only imagine what this experience will do to myself and my friends and that is what I think the real change is going to be. Yes we are going to help build and share and do good works in Ghana, but the real transformation is going to be the works that Christ does in our hearts while on this trip and after. I pray that God will reveal himself to us through family and friends and challenges, and shape us to be more like himself. That is the change I am so extremely excited to see and this is my passion in life, to see lives transformed by Jesus.

"love and peace to you all." Stephen.

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