Thursday, April 23, 2009

Team Posts ...

Mikaela says,
I want to go to Africa to strengthen the friendships I made before. And I happen to like helping people and we do a lot of that when were there.

(Mikaela will be 15 when we go and this is her 3rd mission to Ghana)

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  1. Hey Darcie..It's Lori Richardson, your mother,...hopefully you get this, this visit! Hope it was a good trip,weather is good,Andrews and Lydia's reception is wonderful. Wishing the whole team the very best. Sent out e-mails to all that I could, so everyone should know of your safe arrival. Love you and miss you already! Steve wishes you the very best as well. Oh..and don't let me forget about Bear! Marough!( sound it out!)lol Love you, Mom (Lori Richardson)